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How to Get and Give the Best Mind Blowing Sex

Let's face it folks. Not every sexual experience you have is going to blow you out of the water and leave you drooling for days to come. With work, home, kids and life to tend to we women tend to rush things and move on down the to-do list. But once you've experienced that level of sexual satisfaction, it becomes hard to enjoy a more mundane and disappointing adventure.

So why should we?

The truth is that it is possible to have mind-blowing sex any time you want to and with any partner that you choose. It is all about what you choose to do and not do that will change it up. We may be busy, but if you look at the health benefits of a satisfying sex life; making time for this is well worth it. So here are a few tips and tricks that will aid you in giving and getting the best sex you've ever had.

1. Quit making it an obligation

Are you scheduling your sexy time the same way you schedule the dry cleaners or the dentist? Stop. Nothing kills the mood that hasn't even happened yet like making it obligatory. There is absolutely nothing appealing about getting down and dirty with someone who is watching the clock and mentally ticking off their to-do list. Sex should be about pleasure and enjoying your partner. Well, and hopefully your partner enjoying you. I know the excuses so drop them. It doesn't matter how busy you are. No one is ever too busy for an orgasm.

    2. Let him Watch

    As a woman we are in a unique position. We have the ability to turn a man on without doing a damn thing. How cool is that? We can just walk into a room, move the right way and viola. They are ready to go. One of the best ways to enhance your sex life is to appeal to your man on his level. Porn does well for a reason, and it's not the superior award winning acting. Men are visual by nature with some auditory thrown in. Meaning they like to look, watch, examine and the sounds of a woman's pleasure only add to it.

      Take advantage of. Put on a show. Do a little dance. Let him watch you undress. Take time before or after and touch yourself. Let him enjoy. If you feel froggy, tell him what you are thinking about or how turned on you are. You'll be surprised that you find yourself enjoying these things and turning yourself on in the process. There's nothing quite like the feeling of knowing the man you want is watching and wanting you.

      3. Role Play

      Now if you read here enough then you already know my take on role playing. Everyone should be doing it. Why? Because it's fun.Because it changes things up.Because it's kinky. Hell, because I said so. So hopefully you are already taking advantage of this lovely way of doing things.

        If not, that explains your need to improve the sex life. Seriously though, try some new things.

        Bondage is a great way to start. Dress differently. Take on new roles. Gag each other. Add in a spanking or some teasing. Anything that will make it something it has never been before. Role playing is an excellent way to experience things you've never tried before.

        4. Focus on Him

        It sounds silly to say that the best sex of your life will come from focusing on your partner, but hey, the men will appreciate it. Sometimes we get so caught up in either getting sex out of the way or getting off that we don't stop to enjoy the process.

          Naturally you want the end result to be an orgasm. But the quickest and best way to achieve that orgasm is to do something we often forget about. Enjoy yourself. When the sex is hot, the orgasm is even hotter. When you are so into the act itself, you forget to worry about climax and you achieve it.

          When you focus your attention on his pleasure, doing what he likes and making sure he enjoys it, then you get a strange reaction out of him. He does the same. Nothing appeals to me more than to hear Master enjoy the way I touch him or the things I do and say. It creates an arousal in me unlike any other. He then reciprocates and the experience is out of this world.

          5. Make it a Sensory experience

          We have five senses. Sight, sound, touch, taste, feel. The most mind-blowing sexual experience should incorporate all of these. When you use all of your senses, you are incorporating every part of your body into the sex you are having. It becomes less about the instant pleasure you are trying to gain, and more about the overal pleasure of the experiences you are having. Put on some soft or sexy music, or hey use some good rap if that's what you are into. Whispers, command, beg; whatever it is that turns each of you on. Talk dirty. Moan. Scream if it won't wake up the kids.

            Watch each other. Dress sexy. Examine parts of the body that you often ignore. Look. Take in the physical things that turn you on. Imagine those rough hands caressing your body. Tell him you want to experience that. Ask him to touch himself while you watch. Do the same. Run your fingers along crevices and muscular areas. Trace his lips with your tongue. Touch your lips to his arms. Allow parts of your body to explore his with touch.

            Let your tongue linger in the curve of his spine or behind his earlobes. Use food items or flavored lotions and lubes. Take a bite of fruit and then kiss him.

            Run a silk scarf along his body. Use leather bondage items. Feel the hard shell of the ball gag against your tongue. Pay attention to the movements of his fingertips between your thighs.

            The key to a fulfilling sex life is pleasure. His and yours. When you relax, take your time, turn off the phones and experience each others bodies to the fullest; you will find that you count down minutes until you can begin all over again. And sex with your partner will never get boring.

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