3 Things You Must Know About Married Sex

Married or not, long term relationships come with a variety of challenges. Many couples struggle with their intimate moments. Yes, most of the challenges are sexual in nature. Even if sexual routine is not the only danger threatening to ruin your intimate life, it can be one of the most harmful causes. On the other hand, several aspects of a sexual routine can be quite good. For instance, having a sex schedule means regular date nights with your lover. This is definitely a great idea because what’s worse than a customary sex life is no sex life at all! If you are married or in a long-term relationship, you might want to know some of the most important things no one tells you about sex in this kind of set up.

1. It can get less exciting, you need to nurture it

Marriage requires a constant investment into your emotional connection with your partner and your sex life as well. More often than not, these two aspects are strongly tied to each other, so you can’t neglect any of them. When it comes to investing in your sex life, it also means investing into your sexual arsenals. Try adding new sex toys and accessories to your sexual encounters such as nipple clamps, butt plugs or even electro stimulating devices. You can use your imagination and get into new fetishes as well. This might imply new sex toys to add to your intimate moments. Bondage games are a great way to increase sexual stimulation in the bedroom and all you need is some rope unless you want to add the kinky accessories too such as handcuffs, collars or blindfolds. You can plan these sexual escapades with your partner or simply surprise them with a prepared sex scene to enjoy on a Friday night!

2. It turns out to be a method to have children

Along with marriage, the desire to become parents might arise between you and your lover. Once you decide to start trying to get pregnant, sex becomes a whole different story. You will make plans to have sexual encounters during certain days of the month and they will have to include vaginal intercourse or at least end with this type of sexual activity. Wanting to become a parent is an exciting phase of your life but you shouldn’t change your entire sex life around the idea! Simply try to incorporate the desire into your sexual fetishes. Having sex just to get pregnant can be a huge turn off for both of you. Sex should be fun and exciting for both of you. It’s not just a ritual to conceive. This is a common mistake many couples make as it only adds stress and frustration on their relationship. So, relax and enjoy the journey!

3. You might have a lot of quickies

Having quickies can be very hot if they happen every now and then. Nevertheless, if they become the definition of your sex life, it is not good for your relationship. Take at least one evening every week to enjoy each other and have an astounding sexual encounter with foreplay and an exciting fetish for both of you. This activity will increase your level of intimacy as well as your sexual pleasure and satisfaction. It is well-worth to do it in the long run. Quickies tend to lack emotion and can simply be a race for an orgasm, this is not the type of sex life you would always want for your relationship!

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