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Sex and Expectations in the Dating World

The dating world can be as ferocious as the wild animal kingdom: unexpected, weird and ruthless. Sadly, our society has completely engrained a set of rules in our minds about dating and sex since the dawn of the time. Then again, maybe I am putting the blame on society when our brains are the ones at fault?

The bottom line is some expectations about sex and dating can be quite interesting when you put them into context. It may also be fun to see if you have the same thoughts as the majority of people who date around the world…So, are you a follower or a rebel?

For instance, the popular ‘three date rule’ has long been held as the general formula when it comes to dating and sex. According to this, you should wait a minimum of three dates before sleeping with someone. It is unknown where this ‘rule’ originated from, but it may be a bit of arbitrary judgment if you consider the facts. Why three dates instead of four or two?

It is believed three is the magical number to let you know enough about someone to sleep with them. But if you ask me, nothing can stop you from ignoring it and simply have sex on the first date if you two feel like it. I mean, the times they are changin’ and it is not as if you were getting married. On the other hand, those who stick to the ‘I can’t have sex with you until I know your last name’ could be more free to sleep with basically anyone in this age of social media wink*

But back to the ‘three date rule,’ it does seem maybe times are a changin’ …in another direction. A recent study found most women want to wait at least five dates before having sex with someone. Basically, the women said they prefer to wait anywhere between two and three weeks before getting sexually involved with a new partner. So the fifth date is crucial for them to decide whether to have sex with a man or not.

The study also found something interesting about first dates and the difference between men and women. According to it, about 15% of women would sleep with someone on the first date but around 26% of men would jump into bed at this time.

But the good news is around 72% of people shared they would kiss someone on the first date. So you have something to look forward to.

The results are even more remarkable when you analyze the numbers for the second date. For some reason, only about 13% of women would have sex with a new partner on a second date. Why the second date is less likely to lead to sex is a mystery…so if you have a second date coming soon, be aware statistics say it will not lead to sexy times.

Now, contrary to what general culture may lead you to believe, the study also found several things to show men tend to display commitment a bit faster than women. It is because women tend to utter the world love a bit later in the relationship, to be specific after a month. Something else about women, according to the study, they tend to feel happier if they wait until the fourth month to tell their partner those tender words, ‘I love you’.

Something else to prove the earlier point is the occasion of meeting the family. Men prefer to wait until the eighth date to bring someone home. At this same time in the relationship, only around 27% of women are comfortable with their partner meeting her family. Ta da, women also like to wait at least 4 months. Who knew?

So, how do you compare with the general population?

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