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Forgettable Sex Affairs, Should You or Shouldn't You Have One?

When it comes to sexual affairs there are several types of them that you can engage into. There are sex affairs that work as a parallel relationship when you are already in a steady relationship, one-night stands that can happen when you have a fun night out, escort services that you can enjoy and forgettable sex affairs that are the newest “trend” in the matter. Forgettable sex affairs are those affairs that have no emotional implication and no financial implication either. The detachment goes so far that you don’t even want to know the name of your temporary sexual partner, simply because it is not relevant. And there as benefits of such an affair as well as there are risks that you should be aware of before diving into such an experience.

The most common advantage of having a forgettable sexual affair is that it adds the diversity that you need to your relationship without affecting it in a negative way. Since you are not planning to keep in contact with your partner and you don’t even know their name, they will not become a constant individual in your life and that puts your relationship at peace. But, such an affair will give you the chance to experience certain sexual fetishes and fantasies that you can’t experience with your partner. You can try anal plugs, electro-stimulating devices and different types of bondage styles with your forgettable partner and see if those experiences are your thing and you should or shouldn’t introduce them to your steady relationship. Who knows, maybe you discover a BDSM fetish or fantasy that you want to make it a constant part of your sex life with your lover. But you will never know until you try such a fantasy with someone who understands your sexual desire. To enjoy a forgettable sexual affair, you need to keep an open mind and make sure to not put your relationship at any risk, but use such an experience in the benefit of your sexual life!

Such an affair has also certain risks and if you are aware of them you can avoid them which is a lot easier than fixing unwanted consequences. The most common aspect that you need to be concerned about is your safety and health. Since you don’t know much about your temporary partner, you take the risk of catching a sexually transmitted disease if you don’t use proper protection. However, this can be easily avoided by simply using a condom. Avoiding an unwanted pregnancy is another concern too and also a reason more to use a birth control method of your choice. But your health is not the main risk that you are taking. Safety should also be a concern. When you get intimate with a stranger you don’t know what their behavior is all about and how that can affect you during the sexual experience. They might be extremely violent or they might be even more dangerous than that. If you keep this into consideration, you will pay more attention to the people you meet and consider engaging in sexual encounters with. Even if such extreme cases tend to be rare, it is always better to be safe than sorry. Pay attention to their vocabulary, their sexual fantasies and their suggestions before you get in bed with your potential forgettable partner. And if you don’t feel comfortable or safe around them, keep looking as there are plenty of cool people that will love to engage in such an intense experience with you!

With this being said, you have a lot of benefits that you can enjoy out of a forgettable sexual affair. Such a sexual encounter can definitely help you develop your own sexuality and your relationship. Your partner will be thankful too when you share all your new sexual skills with them and have them enjoy one orgasm after another!

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