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How to Maintain Your Sex Life During Marriage

Marriages can be challenging. It requires a lot of team work from both partners involved in such an intimate relationship. Even so, it is all worth it in the name of a happy and healthy long term relationship. One of the things both partners in any marriage need to maintain is their sex drive. If you neglect this aspect, you and your spouse might grow apart and find your relationship strongly affected not to mention the other aspects of your life. A poor sex life can affect your mood, your daily activities, and even your health. While you can avoid and prevent this, it is not always easy to do especially when life kicks in. Daily stress as well as random worries can affect the sexual desire of the couple or at least one of the two lovers. When this happens, it can be a lot harder to deal with the problem. All the same, here are some things you can do to maintain a high level of sex drive and enjoy more exciting sexual encounters in the future as a happy couple!

1. Have a date night

Date nights will always benefit your relationship because they can guarantee you have quality time for each other regardless of your respective busy schedules. You can have a date night once a week or even once every two weeks. But do not limit your sex life to these dates. If you feel like a quickie then go ahead and do so. Don’t think about it or wait for your next date night. You could even consider these date nights as a backup plan for your sex life in case you don’t get the chance to entertain your sexual desires at any other time. Remember to schedule your date nights so both of you are free to spend a few hours alone for a romantic dinner or watch a good movie. The chance of a sexual encounter on date nights would be welcome too.

2. Dress sexy for each other

Pay attention to your overall image if you want to be desirable to your spouse. Looking good and sexy sends the right message to your partner and increases your odds of stimulating their sexual desire. Not to mention they will do the same and return the favor by dressing up for you as well. Try to keep it sexy and simple by wearing hot lingerie. You can even choose a costume if you are aiming for a specific roleplay. Add a wig if you want to surprise your partner with a completely new look every now and then. Such strategies will keep their interest alive when it comes to your sexual encounters. Moreover, it will make them look forward to your next date night!

3. Try out new fetishes

Fetishes and fantasies come in all types of sex scenes and games. So, it would be a shame not to try something new when the occasion presents itself. You can start with a mild form of bondage and increase the excitement as you get more comfortable with the sex scene. On the other hand, you can get new sex toys such as nipple clamps or electro stimulating devices to see what kind of sexual stimulation they can offer you! Be sure to keep an open mind about it. Likewise, use your imagination to spice things up in the bedroom. When you do, then you could discover new forms of sexuality as a couple. It also helps to communicate with your lover by sharing each other’s fantasies and satisfying them to reach more sexual satisfaction together!

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