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Here's Why Couples Should Try Cuckolding

Cuckolding is one of the most common searched terms out there so it’s safe to assume it’s one of the most common fantasies. Usually that fantasy comes with wanting to try it once, but cuckolding marriages/relationships are actually much more common than just one night flings. The term is an ancient one; it was used to refer to men who were the last ones to know about their wife’s infidelities or men who had to parent children who weren’t their own.

But times change and it has become a common play, so you’re probably wondering, what does exactly entail? Well, dear friend, these relationships are nothing more than the man taking pleasure in seeing their wife or partner involved in sexual acts with other men. Now, this can range from something simple as kisses and caresses to more advanced ways such as the man watching the wife and other man having sex…and sometimes being penetrated by him or being “forced” to get in contact with him. As I always say, there are plenty of ways to make it a part of your relationship/life!

In cuckolding relationships the female is the dominant one and the man is the submissive. Sometimes, the woman will go out alone and will later describe to the partner what they did with other men; the partner doesn’t always have to be present. One of the most common aspects it’s the humiliation involved (“this is a real man, not like you, you poor excuse of a man”) so the man used to practice the “infidelity” is usually bigger, taller and with a bigger penis than the partner (I want to be fucked with a big and real man penis”) and the wife will usually place their partner in chastity for long periods of time; sometimes the partner’s abstinence it’s a big part of the cuckolding relationship. As you can imagine, the woman will be in complete control of her partner’s orgasms.

Given that humiliation it’s a big part of it, some use it to reinforce the submissive nature of the man. The woman can spank or use a crop or paddle on their partner as a “punishment” for not fulfilling her needs properly. This can be only used in role play or as a larger part of the relationship, depending on what you are looking for, of course.

A common misconception about cuckolding is it’s the same as an open marriage, but they’re not the same thing. Because in these relationships the pleasure is like a one way street, only the woman will be getting what she wants, the man is not allowed to find another partner to fulfill its desires. And keep in mind despite of this, the man doesn’t want the wife to fall in love with other men, just to receive pleasure and strictly physical play from another man. This means emotions will always have to be kept in place. So if you want to try it, what are you waiting for? Go and discuss it with your partner wink*.

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