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Phoning It In

If you and your partner are in a long distance relationship, then you know how hard the topic of sex can be. Usually you two will be intimate when you see each other (and that can actually add a new layer of sexiness to the whole affair wink*) but how about when you cannot touch each other physically? Phone sex can be a great way to make sure that sexual connection remains there, even when you are not seeing each other.

You may believe this is a thing that people only do in movies, but it is quite common so don’t get intimidated; it is actually quite easy. Basically you just need to get in the moment and get creative; get into details about how you would like to touch your partner if he/she were right next to you, what you would do, what kind of things that you would use on them… you can also tell them about your sexual fantasies… in detail wink*

As you are not physically there, your only weapon is your voice and what you are saying. To make it even more interesting, you can masturbate while they are on the other end of the line; this will make it much more sexier and will probably create a more amazing experience for the two of you. When you are masturbating, don’t hesitate to describe what you are doing because remember: they have no idea what is going on with you. So say things like ‘I’m getting really wet right now’, ‘I’m thinking about ____ and it is making me really hard’, ‘’I’m starting to stroke my dick’ or ‘I’m inserting a finger in my pussy’… whatever that comes into mind, don’t be afraid to tell them about it.

But of course you should only do and say what feels right for you; don’t feel obligated to put on a porn show just because you feel like you have to. It is important that you only say what you mean to say, even though it may feel tame based on your standards. Everyone has a different comfort level and you shouldn’t do anything you don’t feel like doing. Having said that, sometimes you may be surprised with what you are saying; being on the phone and not seeing the other person can actually make some people a lot more comfortable. At the end of day, you may even say things you wouldn’t say out loud in front of them…or below them wink*

A good tip is to wait until you are in the mood, already aroused or even have been masturbating for some time to call them. For instance, you can lie down on the bed, grab some lubrication and start thinking about things that turn you on. When you are already touching yourself, grab the phone and call them. Who doesn’t like to receive a call that goes along the lines of ‘honey, I was thinking about you and guess what I’m doing… wink*’

And if that fails, you can always just begin to talk normally on the phone and then redirect the conversation to something a bit more intimate and sexy. Sometimes even something as simple as ‘I really miss you and want you right next to me’ can get the whole thing going. Or you can go on the remembrance route and remind him or her about other sexy times you have experienced, like ‘remember that night when we snuck out and had sex in the car’ or ‘I remember how hot you looked when you were taking a shower the other day’

If after all of that you are still not comfortable, then you can always ask them to lead you on instead. Tell them to guide you and start touching yourself; imagine they are his or her hands instead of yours. Don’t put that call on hold…wink*

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