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Sexting 101

It doesn’t matter if you are in a committed relationship or are just beginning to see a guy, the truth is everybody can appreciate a sexy text every once in a while (or more than several times in a while? Does that make sense? Wink*)

The art of sending a sexy text is commonly referred as sexting and it is a great way to be really flirty. You can get your partner hot and bothered without even needing to touch them! The first time can be somewhat scary because you don’t know how your partner will react and because you don’t really know what to say exactly. But just like so many things in life: the first time is usually the hardest wink* Once you get past that, you will probably be sending dirty texts left and right every time you feel like it.

The easiest way to begin some sexting is by sending a simple ‘I dreamed about you last night.’ This can lead to several conversations so it is a great cop out if the person on the receiving end doesn’t feel like playing. If they respond with something positive, make sure to follow up with a very sexy dream you had about them (and don’t forget about the details!)

You can also go with the classic route. This means sending something along the lines of ‘what are you wearing right now?’ If you send this to your partner they will get what you have in mind right away. And if you send something like that to the one you are seeing or dating, they will know you are looking to move on with the relationship. It is a good one and an easy one because it leaves the floor open for anything.

For those moments when you are unsure about that potential partner, you can send them a ‘what are you doing?’ It may sound like something simple and normal, but it can lead to something sexier if you two are willing to take it there. If the mood is already a bit hot, don’t be afraid to throw that line. It will continue the flirty mood; you can see by their answer if they are looking to play and take it further.

If you don’t want to be so forward you can also try something romantic and cute like ‘I had you on my mind all day long’ This can be a real sweet text reminding them they are important to you or it can steer the conversation towards something a bit sexier. Once again, this one is great to see test the waters on their end.

And of course you can also go with the opposite side of the spectrum and go straight for the kill. Something like ‘If you were with me right now, what would you do to me?’ This one is a sexy one so don’t be surprised if they respond with something really dirty! Speaking of dirty, a ‘I am sucking on a popsicle and that made me think about you winky face emoji’ is also a great one!

Another racy text could be something like ‘I am lying in my bed and I am bored. Do you want to come over and help me with that?’ Obviously this one should be good if you are looking to take the relationship to another level; if you don’t know how to tell them that because you are shy, something like that could be a good idea. Or you can simply send them a few words: ‘I am really horny’ Could you be any more direct? Wink*

For those shy people out there, you can also send them a sexy or dirty song. You can send them some dirty lyrics with a ‘this made me think of you’ If they don’t know the song, they will look it up and will get back to you! You never know, they may send you another sexy song that reminds them of you wink*

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