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Relationship Advice: Good Practices that Can Help You Maintain a Healthy Relationship with Your Partner

I think we can all agree it takes a lot of work to maintain a healthy relationship; contrary to what is written in fantasy love stories, relationships take work. But if you ask me, that is actually a good thing. In my opinion relationships are like plants (plants that bring you a lot of happiness) but you do need to take good care of them in order for the plants to thrive. So while I am certainly not an expert, I do have some pieces of advice to offer you.

Probably the first thing to keep in mind is communication. Communication is the foundation of any good relationship. Communication is important because it allows us human to transmit and feelings, thoughts and desires. You could even make the case that without it, it would be impossible to have a good and healthy relationship with your partner.

It is of extreme importance for you to always communicate with your partner; sadly throughout history society has always tended to lean towards the idea men should hide their feelings, but the good news is in these modern times more men are shaking off that silly idea. Women love it when men talk to them about their expectations and how they are feeling (and the other way around should also be the case).

Communication should be the norm for everything, ranging from work related things, to things your partner does that bother you and what are you expecting in the bedroom or other sex related tropes. Talking honestly and openly about sex is also key to having well, good sex. Keep in mind your partner is not a mind reader just as you are not a magician, so both of you need to talk about what they need, what they want, what the don’t want and what they definitely not like.

In order for a relationship to work you need to be very honest about expectations, needs and wants. And always check with your partner how they are feeling as well. So next time you are using a sex toy on her or touching her, ask her if she likes what you are doing. Otherwise she may believe you don’t care about her feelings.

Speaking about sex, other thing that can cause a lot of trouble in a relationship is assuming that if you give your partner something, like oral sex, they will need to reciprocate. In reality this is not always the case and you shouldn’t do something just because you are expecting something in return. When it comes to sex, some people enjoy certain acts and others like doing other things, so just doing something because you believe that is the way for them to do the same for you.

Instead, it is always best to talk to them about your expectations (once again, communication is the key) and what sexual acts you enjoy and need. Having an honest conversation about your sexual needs is best than say, simply going down on her for 30 seconds without asking her first and then pulling out your penis for them to reciprocate the favor. Do ask and do tell wink*

And this brings me to my last point: maintaining your mind open. It is important for both partners to listen to each other without any judgment whatsoever on what the other enjoys. This may be handy because your partner may say ‘I love when my partner spanks me’ and if that is not something it has crossed your mind, you may react in a hurtful way for them.

This doesn’t mean you need to be game for everything your partner suggests; there are some things you simply are never going to be into even if your partner loves them, but you should at least be open to give them a try. Or you could compromise and get to a middle ground that is pleasurable for both. Either way, keep in mind the no judgment policy.

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