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Love versus Lust

Your sexual life can be lived in the name of love or in the name of lust, or, even in the name of both these exciting concepts. But how to tell the difference and how to learn to enjoy both aspects just as intense? That is what we will focus on here. Because human nature is so complex, the sexual aspect of it couldn’t be any different and it is important to understand our physical desires just as well as our emotional ones in order to let them all materialize for our benefit.

Love implies an intimate relationship that exists also outside our bedroom. When you share your life with your sexual partner and are able to enjoy long moments of cuddling without a sexual interaction necessarily, there might be more than just lust between the two of you. However, love was never an obstacle for a lusty sexual lifestyle and you shouldn’t let it get in the way of your fantasies. Use your feelings for your partner to explore more aspects of your sexuality and discover new levels of pleasure and sexual satisfaction. Is important to be able to express your sexual fantasies and transform as many of them as possible into reality with the person you love. If you are into BDSM practices for instance, be open and communicate with your lover about it. The best case scenario is to be able to combine your feelings of love with your lusty sexual desires within the same relationship. And a good session of spanking or whipping might be very welcomed by your lover who could also be looking for some sexual excitement. However, if you decide to dive into more intense BDSM scenes with your loved one, like an extreme style of bondage, consider having a session of aftercare at the end of your sexual encounter. This will establish the balance between you two again and put order in your feelings so the love aspect of your relationship remains undamaged.

When it comes to lust, this doesn’t imply love necessarily. But it implies a strong sexual desire and passion that you can explore and grow through it. Having feeling of lust for your slave, dominant or mistress, depending on your sexual preferences, is not only normal but completely exciting when it comes to enjoying an intense sexual encounter. When you have a sexual relationship based on feelings of lust, you have the freedom to push your limits and experience as many fetishes as you can imagine. Edge play is a great practice among BDSM enthusiasts and it is all based on intense sexual feelings mixed with just as intense physical pain, even if the safe factor should always be present! Let your dirtiest thoughts and fantasies come to life when you are in a lusty relationship and indulge yourself in as many complex fetishes as you want without being afraid of hurting your partner’s feelings. Keep an open mind and share all your intimate thoughts with your sexual partner that way you can both discover new sides and identities of your sexuality. A lusty relationship can help you grow and gather the experience you need to master your sexuality to its highest standards.

Bottom line, even if love and lust are not always connected and they can’t always be found in the same intimate relationship, it is important to allow yourself to experience both. In time you will know how to find the right balance to keep an exciting sexual life without having too many limits when it comes to trying out new sexual fetishes and experiences. Communication is highly important in both cases and you and your partner need to find a common ground before you dive into any kind of sexual encounter. And no matter how we look at it, sex is a physical need and pleasure of our human nature and you don’t need to be involved in a long term relationship to enjoy this intense pleasure.

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