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Sex Talks Couples Must Have

Communication is the key to a happy and healthy relationship and while we might find it easy to talk about many things, our sex life is better dealt with actions than words. But even so, there are certain aspects that you and your partner shouldn’t avoid talking about if you want to enjoy the most out of your sexual encounters. Neglecting certain conversations might have tremendous consequences on not only the quality of your intimacy but also the quality of your health and your future as a couple.

1. Protection

Protection shouldn’t be underestimated just because you are in a steady relationship. Even if you are in an exclusive one and both you and your partner respect that aspect. Protection can keep sexually transmitted diseases away and while that might not be one of your main concerns, the fact that it can also keep unwanted pregnancies away too might be more important. The easiest way to protect yourself during sexual intercourse is by using a condom and you can find a variety of them on the market. Condoms are successful against both sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies so, unless you are ready to be a parent, this might be a wise decision.

2. Sexual fantasies

We all have our own sexual fantasies and fetishes but not all of us are open about them. While it might be hard to share them with the entire world, and also not a good idea either, sharing them with your partner can significantly improve your sex life and also your entire relationship. You might be into bondage sex or you might enjoy using a butt plug during intercourse, all these can become common pleasures if you choose to talk with your lover about them and share them together during your exciting sexual encounters. If you talk about your fantasies and fetishes you will encourage your partner to do the same and combining both of your sexual desires will make your sex life so much more intense. This will also help to build the trust and the connection between the two of you stronger and your relationship will be happier over time.

3. Turn offs

As we have things that turn us on instantly when it comes to our sexual preferences, we also have our turn offs as well. What is wrong than not sharing your fantasies, is not sharing the things that don’t work for you when it comes to enjoying a sexual encounter with your partner. Knowing each other is part of achieving the sexual pleasure and satisfaction that you are aiming for. If your partner knows that you don’t like breast stimulation, they will avoid using a pair of nipple clamps on you and use other methods to stimulate you instead. Just as if you are aware that they don’t like a certain vibrator type for instance, you will not push that kind of stimulation on them. Enjoying exciting and intense orgasms is a team work and if you don’t know your partner well enough, you will miss on a lot of good sexual encounters that you could have experienced. Secrets have no place in the bedroom and the more you talk about these aspects, the better your relationship will become.

Some of these talks might not come natural for you, especially if you are introverted and don’t like to tackle such delicate subjects. But you don’t have to talk about all of them at once. Wait for the right moment and add your insight when the occasion comes. You will be not only relieved to get these things off your chest but also supported by your partner who will know exactly how to engage in a successful sexual encounter with you in the future. Not to mention that you can discover new fantasies and fetishes together and enjoy them as a couple with the sexual freedom that you need in order to develop your sexuality and your relationship at the same time.

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