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Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Your Woman Who Loves Being Punished

Valentine’s is more than just dating and giving gifts; it’s a perfect opportunity to make your partner feel how important she is in your life. Most people go for the usual romantic presents like chocolates, a bouquet of flowers, and letters but if you want to leave her speechless (thanks to a ball gag), maybe you can try to be a little bit kinkier. In the end, it’s not only your lady who’s gonna be happy and satisfied. Who knows, she might need a little help to play the naughty gift she just received. This is especially true when you’re into BDSM and your partner appreciates punishment and begging.

So if you want an extra hot date this year, check out our quick guide to buying the perfect Valentine’s gift that would excite every sub:

1. Locking Collars

Let her show the world how proud she is for being owner while looking fancy at the same time. While you can always opt for the usual bondage collars, you can also choose something stylish to match her personality – like pastel pink if she’s sweet or red if she’s fierce. Either way, she’ll definitely enjoy this gift.

Feeling a little more adventurous? Go for collars with O or D-strings so you can attach your leash or other hardware pieces during sexy time! Now there’s no going anywhere (literally!)

2. Paddles and Whips

Being a sub is useless unless you’re getting spanked! And if you’re smacking her ass for quite some time, maybe it’s time to introduce a new whip or paddle to her sweet, sexy bum!

Pro Tip: If it’s you’re using a new whip, cane, or slapper, be sure to try it on yourself first to know it’s too hurtful. Practice spanking the pillow first before you hit your lover. Yes, pain is good but too much of it can ruin the mood. Also, remember that sky’s the only limit when it comes to bondage. Add a sensation toy, a straitjacket, or other gears to make Valentine’s hotter and memorable.

3. Hoods

What better way to excite your sub than to not let her know your next move! If you want a rough Valentine’s night with her and you want to give her the best gift she cannot see but feel, then a hood is just perfect! Let her imagination work for her while you, of course, work on giving her bliss. You can make this moment more intense and electrifying by using electro-stimulating toys on her!

4. Kinky Cards

Nothing beats an old-fashioned way of telling her how much you feel and you can make it extra AF by choosing kinky cards rather than the usual boring ones. Add your personal touch by giving a handwritten message!

5. Bondage Shoes

They say “good shoes will take you to good places”; we say “hot bondage shoes will give you the hottest, horniest SEXperiences” so if you want nothing but the best, don’t hesitate to give ballet bondage shoes to your slave. It will be pretty challenging for her to walk though but who cares? The only thing you want, after all, is for her to stay tied up in your bed!

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