Diversity Dating: Exploring Relationships with a Diverse Orientation

Sometimes you may find yourself on a sort of dating route. This could be because you have a little thorn you haven’t been able to take off since…well, maybe ever. And this torn is named: dating women. It can be specially common for women in their mid to late thirties to start exploring their options on the other side of pond. Usually this happens when they have always been curious about it but have never actually tried it because they have dated men up until that point. But later in their lives they may finally be ready to dip their toes in. But, what to do when you finally want to get a date? Should you say you are new to dating women? Or should you keep quiet about all of this?

People who have experienced this may be able to shed some light into it. If you have an online dating profile, their advice is to include you haven’t dated women before only if you feel comfortable adding it. The person that wants to date you may not even really mind and you could just be projecting the importance of this matter into them. Contrary to what you may believe, for a lot of people this is not even that important as you think. For instance, think about it as you would normally do with men. Do they need to put the number of women they have dated on their profile? When you meet someone for the first time, do you feel the imperative need to mention with how many people have you slept with? Just as well, the same thing goes the other way around. These sorts of topics and talks come up either later in the relationship or just happen naturally.

But of course If you get asked upfront on the first date: how many women you have dated before? Well, obviously don’t lie wink*

Always start by putting yourself on your date’s shoes. What would you want to know if you were dating someone like you? At first, a lot of people don’t feel too comfortable putting out so many personal details and prefer to keep things quite shallow and then advance to deeper things. And that is perfectly normal and understandable.

Probably the biggest fear or concern for women who want to start dating women is everyone will think they are completely inexperienced and therefore, unqualified…you know, like a job position. But dating is not like the job market (thank you god and goddess of love wink) so this is not the same thing. Instead of worrying how you will be perceived, simply focus on being yourself without any qualms or details. Being inexperienced is not a bad thing and this shouldn’t hinder your process when it comes to finding someone.

On the other hand, it may relieve some of your nerves to mention ‘hey, so I haven’t really dated women before’ on your first date. And that is also fine. If you are extremely nervous about the whole thing this could be a good idea. Putting it out there may feel as if you were taking off some weight off your shoulders.

Contrary to what you may believe, a lot of women begin to feel they want to explore their dating options later in life. And increasingly older women are coming out as bisexual or lesbian. This is something extremely common these days, so blame it on more openness in this century. It is so common it is not a surprise for a lot of people, so don’t think you are the only one.

The first step in this process is just accepting it and embracing it in an open minded way. This could be the path to finding definite happiness and a lot of joy, so if you have been thinking about it, think no more and go ahead and start right now wink*

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