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3 Bedroom Roleplay Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

When we talk about roleplays mixed with different BDSM fetishes, the sky is the limit! Indeed, a couple can explore so many scenarios and areas making it almost impossible to repeat any one of them over time. Chances are they will discover new ones every time they dive into a BDSM scene. Mature couples who are part of the BDSM community might be more experienced when it comes to exploring the intense fetishes and fantasies offered by its practices. Let’s look at some of the most popular fetishes among the mature couples, who know exactly what they want and how they are going to achieve!

1. Interrogation scene

Interrogation scenes require a level of professionalism. It will make all the difference between a good BDSM scene and an extremely intense one. You will need some sexual arsenal when indulging in this practice such as handcuffs or any other type of cuffs to make your submissive partner feel like a prisoner and you are in control of the entire situation. Bondage can also make the scene as realistic as possible. Use a rope or a body harness to set up the best form of bondage tot urn both of you on to an intense sexual level. Dirty talk is also welcomed when you dive into an interrogation type of roleplay because it increases the sexual level of the entire scene and turn both of you on pretty fast. Some slaves love verbal humiliation while they are being spanked or whipped and asked to give certain information to their dominant!

2. Edge play

Edge play is exclusively reserved for the experienced BDSM practitioners because it presents a level of risk higher than any other BDSM scene. During an edge play scene you can use a sharp object or an extreme form of bondage to make your slave feel under your complete control and even humiliated if this is what you are going for. This kind of roleplay goes well with an interrogation scene, likewise, a robbery roleplay or police-prisoner roleplay. Notice all of these are based on the authority the dominant has over their submissive and the intensity of the sexual activities taking place during the BDSM scene.

3. Group sex

Group sex is a great BDSM scene including more than two partners. At times, more than three people unless you are aiming for a threesome in this particular form of roleplay. Your submissive partner can have more than one dominant during a group sex session. This would make the atmosphere even more extreme because each dominant will have particular sexual preferences and expectations. You can imagine a roleplay based on public sex scenes or a gang forced sex, or something involving the power of the dominant partners over one submissive partner who is there to pleasure all of you to the extent you expect them to. The only aspect you have to keep in mind when you indulge in such an intense sexual practice is the safety of your partner in the middle of it all! Make sure your slave is not harmed in any way and the balance between sexual pleasure and pain is ideal to generate mutual pleasure and sexual satisfaction to all who are involved.

You can combine many sexual practices with your imagination to discover new roleplays to will make you and your partner feel full of passion and sexual energy every time you dive into a new BDSM scene. It is though recommended for both of you to have a negotiation phase before starting the sexual encounter and to set up a safety word to use in case things get out of hands during the scene and it can easily happen at any given time!

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