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3 Reasons to Try the Hard-to-Get Role Play

Roleplays can take place in various ways and can be adapted to every couple, regardless of gender and sexual orientation. The only thing couples need to do is turn on their imagination to have a good sexual roleplay. A hundred percent commitment from both partners also helps make roleplaying more realistic. Having the right sex toys and accessories can also make a big difference in your favor! One of the most intense roleplays is called the hard-to-get game also known as forced sex. Now, keep in mind this is a sex game meant to bring both of you immense pleasure, if you know how to explore it. What’s more, you can experience pleasure and satisfaction from it little by little until you both explode in total ecstasy. If you have never tried the hard-to-get role play, then here is why this game is considered to be so hot and satisfying by so many couples worldwide!

1. It gives you more control

The hard-to-get roleplay increases the level of control for the person in charge of the sex scene, who is also known as the dominant in the BDSM community. The dominant loves to obtain the sexual satisfaction they are after from their submissive lover in any way they can. In a hard-to-get sexual game, the submissive becomes elusive to increase the excitement and try to appear unavailable to satisfy the dominant. Remember, this game requires a lot of acting even if both partners are supposed to enjoy it. So, there are certain details needed to make it a more realistic chase. Adding dirty talk to this type of sexual encounter and even verbal humiliation can make it a winning encounter. It all depends on the level of comfort you and you partner are fine with. If the level of control is increased, the dominant will have more intense sexual pleasure and even reach an amazing orgasm. In addition, the submissive will love to feel vulnerable and exposed in the middle of such a scene.

2. Increases the adrenaline level

Intense sexual encounters are built on a level of adrenaline as well. So, add elements to stimulate your adrenaline during your sex scene such as handcuffs or any other type of restraint system. If you are into BDSM fetishes and fantasies, you will not have a problem increasing the level of adrenaline both of you experience. You can even use impact play toys and accessories such as paddles or whips to make your submissive feel more under your control. Get creative and put your fascinating ideas into practice to achieve a high level of sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

3. Offers the chance to try out new sex toys and accessories

The fun part about the hard to get type of sexual encounter is the chance to use almost every sex toy and accessory you can think of. From nipple clamps to anal plugs and dildos, everything to give you or your partner pleasure is welcome. If you are going for an intense hard-to-get scene, you can stimulate your lover in more ways than one and explore all their erogenous zones to make them reach greater pleasure. Orgasm control is a good fetish to mix with a hard-to-get scene. It gives you complete control not just over your lover’s body but also their sexual pleasure. Likewise, you have the power to indulge them into it. So, use your desires and explore this hard-to-get fetish as often as you and your lover want to!

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