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3 Ways a Spreader Bar Makes Fetishes Better

Being part of the BDSM community means you and your lover will be tempted to try out different fetishes and fantasies at least once. You will have to keep an open mind to experience different sensations and develop your sexual personality. Because no one enjoys a dull intimate life, most likely you should add some sex toys to your collection. These toys will keep things interesting and help you put together intense sex scenes to open new paths in your intimate life. We don’t mean only the classic dildos and vibrators. You should also add a spreader bar to one or more of your sexual encounters.

Spreader bars are sex toys destined for submissive partners to keep their legs open to expose their intimate parts. Walking is not an option while wearing a spreader bar because the slave is trapped in a sexy yet submissive position. All these details make a spreader bar more than just simple sex toy to make your intimate life more interesting. Here are some exciting ideas to make the most out of a spreader bar even if you are a beginner at using such a sex toy!

1. A discipline sex scene becomes a lot more intense by using a spreader bar

If you want to discipline your lover, you can add a spreader bar to keep them in place and expose their beautiful legs at the same time. Use a paddle or a whip and try some disciplining scenes on your lover as they can’t run away from it. Spreader bars can be used in a multitude of scenarios when you want to teach your slave a lesson. When it comes to BDSM, disciplining is a very popular practice. You can also add a mouth gag or some handcuffs to complete the visual effect of your sex scene. Use your imagination and make the most out of such a sexual encounter and see what new fetishes and fantasies you can discover while you are on this sexual path.

2. Induce multiple orgasms

One of the best sex scenes you and your lover can indulge in is a multiple orgasm scene. If the submissive lover is wearing a spreader bar, such a sexual encounter could become more intense. So, have your slave wear a spreader bar and grab your other sex toys and accessories as well. To induce multiple orgasms, you should also add an orgasm belt to the entire fantasy. Orgasm belts make it easier for the dominant partner to control their submissive. You will not have to stimulate your slave by hand if they are wearing such a sex toy. So, you have plenty of time to focus on other dominant aspects of the sex scene. If your lover is a woman, have them wear some nipple clamps to see just how much stimulation they can take. All slaves love to be treated with this type of superiority by their dominant; chances are they will even beg for more.

3. Bondage is better with a spreader

Bondage is attractive for almost all BDSM couples regardless of their gender and sexual orientation. You can add a bondage aspect to almost any other sexual fetish and fantasy or have a bondage scene by itself. Use rope or tape and see how you can discipline you lover even more by limiting their options to move. The sky is the limit when it comes to combining bondage sex scenes with the use of a spreader bar and it depends greatly on what you and your lover prefer. Make sure you have a safe word established before things get too intense just in case you or your lover feel uncomfortable during you sex scene. Hopefully, you will not have to use it but if you do need to, it is best to have such a word established before you find yourself in an awkward situation to ruin your sex scene. If you are planning to have your lover wear a mouth gag, agree on a safety action to replace the safe word. There are many options to make sure both of you enjoy a sex scene to its highest benefits.

As you can see, spreader bars can be incorporated into a wide variety of sex scenes. All you need is to use your imagination and make the most out of your intimate life. Your lover will thank you for it! Everything goes on between you and your lover should be safe, sane and consensual so keep in mind!

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