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Naughty Ideas For The Best Roleplay Scenarios

If you like to add some new experiences to your sex life, roleplays are the way to go! They can be entertaining and fun and everyone involved will have a great time. Trying out different roleplays will break the sexual routine that you and your love might be in, especially if you are in a long term relationship. Routine is the greatest enemy of long term relationships and it can damage a relationship to a deep level which is why you shouldn’t fall in this trap. Plus, enjoying a good roleplay every now and then will help you discover new sides of each other’s sexuality and will empower the bond you already share. So, if you want to maintain the passion alive in you couple life, here are some fun and exciting roleplays that you should definitely try at least once!

1. Medical Play

Medical play is very popular and you can get very creative while playing this type of roleplay. You can use sex toys and accessories like open mouth gags and you can try out different outfits to make things even more interesting. You imagination is all that matters in this case and you can take a medical play sex scene and make it as complex as you want. Your submissive can be your patient while you are a sexy doctor or nurse. The sky is the limit when it comes to these types of sex scenes and you shouldn’t refrain yourself from experiencing them as intense as you want. If you slave is a guy, you can have them try a prostate stimulator in order to reach an even more intense satisfaction and orgasm as part of your sexual encounter. Chances are that if you lover reaches the type of sexual pleasure that they want, you will be satisfied as well because they will take care of you needs.

2. Discipline bondage

Who doesn’t like a good discipline sex scene? You should try this out at least once because it can open the path to a wide variety of BDSM fetishes and fantasies. In such a sex scene one of you will discipline the other, by using certain sex toys such as a paddle, flogger or whip. It all depends on the sexual arsenal you have available but also the type of sex scene that you are going for. Talk to your lover ahead of time and see what are they comfortable with before diving into such a sex scene. You shouldn’t experiment with edge play impact sexual activities such as extreme bondage if you are a beginner in the matter. But take things as far as you are both comfortable with. It is very important for all such sex scenes to be safe, sane and consensual so as long as this rule is respected, you should have a great time together.

3. Pet and pony play

Pet and pony play might not be one of the most famous roleplays but that is only because it is a complex one that is more appreciated by the experts in the BDSM field, the idea of these roleplay scenes is that one of the partners plays the role of a pet. This is usually the submissive partner and there are plenty of sex toys and accessories to try out for such a roleplay. For instance you can go for fur tails, butt plugs and even fury handcuffs. All of these sex toys are very sexy and accessible. And if you make them match the rest of you slave’s outfit, you will simply love the visual effect that you will obtain. So, make sure to give pet and pony a try in order to see how intense your sex life could be with a minimum investment. Your lover will be more than happy to join you and explore the fetish with you and maybe they will discover how exciting it is to be an obedient pet that loves to please their owner.

As you can see, there is no need to have a boring sex life. Not when you have so many options to apply in order to make it interesting and exciting. All you have to do is keep an open mind and see how far your imagination can take you. You will discover that your partner can play a wide variety of roles and you will find that extremely exciting. So, get the right arsenal and apparel and see what you can make out of it because you will find out a world of endless possibilities to indulge in. If you are lacking certain sex toys and accessories to fulfill one of your fetishes, make sure to invest in it because it is going to be worth it on the long run!

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