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Celebrating St. Patrick’s Day Greener And Kinkier

Who would have thought that St. Patrick’s Day can be hotter and sexier? The last time I checked, it was all about leprechauns and black beer but not with kinky-minded, naughty sweethearts like us, we know it can be something else. Kidding aside, it’s a special day in honor of the Irish saint, St. Patrick, but if you wanna go beyond drinking and parading, no one’s stopping you, not even us!

Below are new ways to celebrate the famous March 17th tradition if you wanna make it greener (like your mind you kinky kitten) and not to mention, more erotic:

Don’t Just Pinch, Spank!

    One of the traditions during St. Patrick’s Day is to wear green to avoid the risk of being pinched. But why stop there if you can spank your lover all night long. You know he’s a naughty boy but we also know that you’re way, way naughtier. So why not grab a paddle or a cane and show him that you mean business! Can’t decide which one to use? Then try both! *wink

    Use a blindfold and let his imagination work about your next move. If you want to make it extra exciting, tease him with a furry tickler or make it hard for him TO GET HARD with a chastity belt.

    Confess Your Sins

      St. Patrick’s Day is for sinners and you can help your sub confess her sins with a little interrogation scene. If you’re new to BDSM, make sure that you learn the right ways to do it first for safety reasons. It's supposed to be intimidating and humiliating but not to the point where your slave is uncomfortable at all.

      You can dress up as a police officer with hot accessories like a hat, handcuff, leash, boots, and the list goes on or you can be anyone else. Role-playing and a good costume go hand in hand so choose wisely. Now the fun part – torture them until they give you the information you need!

      If you can’t bear the noise anymore and you want her to say nothing at all, you can just place a gag on her mouth. Just a heads up though, expect a lot of sexy moans and drools afterward. *wink!

      Drink…While Playing Naughty Games

      Whiskeys and black beer are pouring down the streets of Ireland and US during this celebration but if you want to make drinking intimate with your partner, you can do so in the comforts of your own home. The alcohol can make your body hot in an instant but you can make it hotter by playing adult games. You can play the usual spin the bottle, dare beer pong, never have I ever or body shots.

      Join The Parade

        Before hitting the bedroom, you can start the fun in the streets! There are a lot of cities in the US that hold large parades, such as Philadelphia, New York, Boston, New Orleans, and Savannah – just to name some. Unleash your inner slut and dress up in a catsuit, as a sexy fairy, or Playboy bunny. Or if you’re a little too shy, you can just wear hot lingerie inside which is almost as good as wearing naughty attire!

        Pre-St. Patrick’s Day Party At Home

          Shake off a few of those food and liquid carbs that you’ll be getting on the actual celebration with a vibrator or a masturbator. If you’re alone, you can start by playing party music, opening a can of Guinness, and lighting up a scented candle and oh, don’t forget your vibrating buddy. You can also ask your partner to CUM with you. Spice up your sex with adult toys and bondage gears and just celebrate the night away!

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