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Creative Cuckolding Scene Ideas for Role Playing

If cuckolding has been in your mind for quite some time and you are really looking forward to trying it, I have some fun role play cuckolding scenarios that I’m sure you will be dying to recreate! Before trying them though, remember to have already discussed it with your partner and have found another man (Bull) to make the fantasy a reality, duh! Wink*

  • You can tie your partner to a chair and make him watch as you seduce your bull. You can kiss, touch and even have sex with him, all while your partner hopelessly watches wink*. You can even put him in chastity to take it to the next level…
  • If you want something more intimate, you can always make your partner lay against the bed’s headboard while you lean into him. Your bull can penetrate you doggy style and your partner will feel the powerful thrusts.
  • You can also have your partner penetrate you from behind or hold your hair while you give your Bull a blowjob.
  • Since this is partly about humiliation, have your partner beg to your Bull to have sex with you. And always remind him how different and what a better man he is compared to your partner, “this is how a man fucks a woman” “this is a what a real man penis looks like”, etc.,
  • Have sex with your Bull while your partner is in another room. He will be able to hear but not see. And take a break, with your hair all messy, flustered and probably with your make up smudged and go check on him. You can kiss him and then go to continue your sexy session with your Bull.
  • If you want to play in public, go out with your partner and Bull. In the middle of the night out, go away with your Bull and have a quickie. Return and kiss your partner as if nothing happened.
  • You can also give a blowjob to your Bull in a semi private place while your partner looks out for any lookers or people that might interrupt. Make him guard the zone wink*.
  • Have your partner drive you to the place where you will be meeting your Bull to have sex. You can make him wait in the car while you are done. Alternatively, your partner can also drive you and your Bull to the hotel while you two make out in the backseat.
  • You can put your partner in chastity and then give the key to your Bull. When your Bull comes to your place to have sex, make sure your partner knows the Bull has the key…He can even go home with it, so your partner knows he will only be released next time the Bull comes around.

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