Fun Introduction to Erotic Roleplaying

When I was a teenager, roleplaying meant sitting in my friend's basement and talking about elves, dump stats, dragons, and dice. Now that I'm older, roleplaying has turned into a very grown-up, very sexy game of make believe.

Erotic roleplaying involves living out a fantasy with your significant other. It's a way to be creative and explore together. Whether you want to be a sexy maid, to be ravished by someone in a police costume, or even to act like the sweet and innocent schoolgirl, roleplaying lets you play with the roles that live in your erotic imagination.

First, roleplaying is something that you do with someone that you trust. Not only do you have to be honest with each other about the things you want, you need to be comfortable looking silly in front of each other as well. I'll be perfectly honest here; roleplaying is silly sometimes, and that's okay. So's sex, and we do that anyway.

Talk about your fantasies together, and choose one that you agree on. Don't be afraid to map it out ahead of time, either. If the schoolgirl needs to break down in tears and be comforted, or if your partner should be ready to restrain you when you get a little bratty, these are all things that can be planned. It's okay to leave it loose, too, but in general, more communication is always a good thing.

Put together outfits. For example, if you're going to be a seductive maid, why not choose a corset or a waist cincher to give you that properly Victorian silhouette? If you want to be strangers meeting at a Venetian ball, leather masks or even hoods might be the way to go. Get creative with your outfits, especially if they spur the fantasy onward.

Don't forget to prepare the props too. If you're a naughty schoolboy or a naughty schoolgirl, what do you want to get smacked with? Rulers, riding crops, tawses, and old-fashioned rattan canes are all great options. On the other hand, if you want to be a patient who is getting a rather intimate medical exam, why not lay out all “instruments” on a nice clean towel? For medical play, consider a speculum, which allows for a very intimate examination indeed!

Of course, as with any scenario, remember to decide on a safeword. You never know when someone might need a break, so choose a safeword that slows things down and choose a safeword that means stop right away. Here's a hint: make the full-stop safeword something silly. That's a sure way to break up the tension.

Control the environment as much as you can. You might be playing in your bedroom, but why not dress it up a little bit? Turn off the overhead light, close the windows, and do your best to change things up. For example, you have a harem fantasy. Cover the walls with fabric and throw every pillow in the house onto the bed. Light some incense to make sure that the room has a properly smoky smell and throw a thin piece of cloth over the lamp to give the room a dim, mysterious look.

If the scenario calls for it, use a little bit of sensory deprivation to enhance the fantasy. If you have a kidnapping fantasy, a hood or a blindfold helps take you out of your safe comfortable home. It reduces the feeling that you are somewhere secure and heightens the feeling that you are somewhere dangerous or unknown.

I've already mentioned talking before roleplaying, but don't forget to talk afterward as well. What worked for you, and what didn't? When did you almost burst out laughing and when did you think you were going to just melt into the bed because it was so hot? Good communication today means better roleplaying sex tomorrow, after all.

For me, roleplaying these days involves a lot more handcuffs and feather ticklers and a lot less dragons and dice. However, if you have a thing for hot elf girls with knives and leather underwear, find the costume, find the knives, and go for it!

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