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How to Experience Erotic Pain For Mind Blowing Orgasms

The BDSM community is all about mixing different ways of sexual stimulation in order to increase pleasure and sexual satisfaction and the possibilities to do so are endless, because there is a fetish for everyone regardless of gender or sexual orientation of the partners. But the levels of pain and pleasure should be complementary with each other, until both partners involved in the BDSM scene find a common level that they are comfortable with and able to enjoy it to its fullest capacity. Each couple is different and the tolerance level is subjective when it comes to how much pain they can endure during such a sexual encounter, but generically speaking, there are some levels that most couples fit in when it comes to BDSM practices.

Beginners tend to be more about the sexual experience and not the bondage part of the BDSM scene, but in time they learn to combine the two for a unique sexual experience. The point of indulging in a BDSM scene is to reach sexual satisfaction through different ways of stimulation and not just the traditional physical intercourse. Using different toys from dildos, vibrators to nipple clamps or prostate stimulators a dominant can induce certain levels of pleasure into their slave and, equally, they can induce some pain as well in order to feel more in control of the situation and stimulate the submissive partner more intensively. Once you and your partner are not beginners anymore, the tools used to inflict some pain can vary from fancy floggers to leather whips or special spanking paddles and you can find each one of these toys according to your needs and preferences. The bondage style that you will prefer to use will change as well because there are more complex types of bondage that will increase the level of control, pain and sexual stimulation for both you and your partner. Suspension bondage is considered one of the most intense forms of bondage and it is a great experience for the submissive especially if it is combined with other forms of sexual stimulation which usually happens during a BDSM scene. You can enjoy a session of oral sex while your slave is tied in a suspension form of bondage or you can stimulate their body so intensively that you induce some forced orgasms for them and enjoy the outcome.

Some BDSM couples prefer to associate different forms of bondage with denied orgasms, which means stimulating their partner to the point that brings them to want to reach an orgasm but denying them the right to actually enjoy one. What way you will choose to perform during your BDSM scene is entirely up to you and your partner. The intensity of the practices should be also mutually agreed and under the main rule of BDSM which is safe, sane and consensual. Your slave will have to agree with what you are planning to do and they will also have a safety word to use in case things get out of hand.

Nothing is more exciting than a nice spanking while you stimulate your submissive partner or enjoy some physical sexual intercourse until you both reach the most intense orgasm. Mixing pain with pleasure stimulates more aspects of the brain and helps the submissive reach different levels of pleasure to your enjoyment as well because an excited submissive will always give up their limits and let their dominant take full control of their body which should turn you on significantly. Make sure to not take unnecessary risks during your BDSM scenes and as tempting as it might be for you to increase the level of pain and pleasure, remember that BDSM is a gradual experience and you have to get familiar with all levels if you want to fully appreciate all the benefits that can be found in this kind of sexual encounters.

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