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How to Initiate Fantasy Play

Fantasy play can turn out to be very exciting for both you and your partner but it all depends on how you start such an intense sexual game. If you and your partner are compatible when it comes to your intimate life, you have high chances of enjoying a successful fantasy play and indulging in new ways of expressing your sexuality. Fantasy play is of many kinds and it can get as specific as you want it to be as long as you have what it takes to make it exciting and keep it engaging for both of you. And since the most important aspect of fantasy play is the way you initiate it, let’s look at some tips that you might use when you want to transform your fantasies into a real and intense sexual life!

1. Have an open discussion with your partner

Talking is the first step when it comes to a good fantasy play. Express your sexual desires to your partner and see if you two can find a common ground when it comes to making them come true. You can talk about your fantasies and let your partner share theirs so you will be able to satisfy both of you. Don’t worry if your partner is not on the same page with you right from the start. That is why talking about it is good for: finding a common ground and reaching the compromises that you need in order to have a memorable sexual encounter. For instance, if you are into edge play, and your partner is reluctant to it, you can compromise to have a lower risk edge play scene until they get comfortable with the practice and know how to appreciate such a BDSM scene.

2. Get the right outfit

Part of initiating a fantasy play sexual encounter, you need to express your desire through more than just words. Use your outfits to give your partner a clue about what you expect from them. If you are into BDSM practices you can use accessories such as collars or latex skirts and dresses to give away some of your sexual desires. The way you dress says a lot about yourself and it also can lead your partner to the sexual path that you want them to join you on. And a sexy outfit will always increase your chances of reaching the sexual satisfaction that you are aiming for!

3. Get the right toys and accessories

Sex toys and accessories come in a wide variety and you have plenty of options to set up any sexual scene that you have in your mind. And when you initiate a fantasy play session, you will need the sexual arsenal that goes with it. If you are planning a session of intense bondage and sexual stimulation with your partner, make sure you have your favorite rope or tape and also your body harness so that you will be ready to get to action. Also, having the right sex toys will get your partner in the right mood faster than you could ever do it with your words. We all have particular sexual preferences but we are also very curious beings so they will get excited to use all your toys and find new levels of sexual pleasures with you! It is all in the details and the more details you take care of, the more your chances to have an amazing sexual encounter will get bigger!

Fantasy play can be as intense as you prefer it to be if you know how to lead the way and turn your partner into a sexual accomplice. But if you have enough self-confidence and trust your own sexuality, you shouldn’t have any problems fulfilling your sexual fantasies. Even if these fantasies are as complex and exciting as they can get! Don’t feel let down if your partner is not as ecstatic as you are when it comes to your sexual preferences. Over time and with the right guidance they will be right there with you.

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