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How to Prepare a Great "Interrogation Scene"

Role play is a big practice in the BDSM community and it can be done in various ways depending on a couple’s preferences. Fantasies are endless and the imagination holds the key to an intense role play especially when the market has a lot of supplies to support any desired BDSM scene. But among these exciting possibilities, the interrogation scene may be the most intense and complex. An interrogation scene in the BDSM community develops with the dominant partner being the interrogator or torturer while the submissive partner or the slave is person being interrogated or the victim.

The dominant may use several methods to interrogate their slave. It can include using physical pain, threats, verbal and physical humiliation to obtain information from the victim. This sort of scene can be done as close to a real interrogation scene as the partners want. They can use a wide range of toys and accessories they d to increase the scene’s intensity. An interrogation scene ends once the victim has given the information the interrogator or the dominant wants to hear. However it can be extended for as long as the dominant wants to so long as the submissive can endure it. Such a BDSM play can last from one hour to several hours. The length of time depends a lot on the practices involved. It certainly takes some action to entertain such a scene so it might be challenging for beginners. But with proper research and an open mind, any BDSM enthusiast can reach an incredible level of sexual satisfaction and pleasure from it in the end.

The dominant can use techniques like whipping, spanking or extreme sexual stimulation with nipple clamps or vibrators to obtain the information they want from the submissive. Whatever method is used, always mix the sexual stimulation with pleasure and pain, even at an extreme level, for the submissive partner to feel tortured and excited at the same time. Orgasm denial can be applied too if the submissive refuses to cooperate. This kind of BDSM scene can easily reach aspects of edge play, especially if the partners involved are very comfortable with each other and the level of trust between the two of them is high. When the dominant is torturing the submissive partner, more often than not a style of bondage is used to restrain the slave and to lose control over their own body. The more extreme the interrogation scene is the more intense the sexual encounter becomes. One thing is important though, mutual consent. Both partners have to discuss the practices they are about to perform during such a session. They also have to agree on the level of intensity to aim for. Remember a safety word is needed before diving into a good interrogation scene because in the heat of the moment many things can get out of control. Safety always should come first in any BDSM scene, especially one involving extreme sexual stimulation and painful practices.

Such a BDSM scene can make you feel more connected with your partner at sexual and intimate levels thus increasing the quality of your relationship. The fact you will be able to do such activities together will strengthen the trust between the two and encourage both of you to experience more BDSM fetishes because you will be able to rely on each other. Feeling comfortable with your partner during such an intense sexual encounter is crucial for a successful outcome. The comfort builds over time as you both gain more experience in the matter. So, let your imagination run loose and enjoy the outcome of such an intense scene!

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