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How to be Sexually Submissive

Anyone can see or hear of bondage and decide that it sounds like a sensual delight that they'd like to pursue. Or, is that just me? *wink*

The reality is that having the idea of bondage and knowing what to actually do in regards to making the bondage fantasy a bondage reality are two entirely different things. There is far more to bondage and being sexually submissive than simply finding the right things to use for being tied up. Actually, when you look at it there is a lot more to sexual submission and erotic bondage than simply being tied up. *tightly* (smiles)

That is just one of the exciting factors to consider. As with everything communication is the key. Especially when it comes to amazing bondage sex, which I am about to help you do. (you're welcome! *wink*)

First let's talk about your feelings as submissive. When you look at being in bondage bound tightly or being sexually dominated, you have to look at the experience as a whole. Not just the bondage, the entire erotic event. Bondage if done right is a mental, physical and spiritual sexual activity which can fulfill the deepest part of you. The materialization of your secret self and the erotic side you keep hidden for the world that is only meant for your lover or Master.

Stand back and look bondage for a moment. Specifically what is it about being bound that appeals to you? For most, like myself, it is the complete loss of control. Turning over the reins of your sensual satisfaction and sexual experience to another person is a turn on for a submissive that cannot be equaled. That is just one of the many reasons why I personally enjoy being bound. Dangling over the edge of my erotic sensations, feeling the sexual anticipation, knowing what I want but never being quite certain what I will get and being unable to move or make any decisions play a huge role in the total experience.

Looking at Bondage for you, what is it that you desire to out of your erotic bondage experience? Are you looking to play and be light or are you looking to be completely and fully sexually dominated, perhaps even stimulated by corporal punishment such a bondage whip or a spanking with a riding crop?

What specifically are the aspects of bondage that you find sexually appealing? Take a moment and just be with yourself. Allow your secret self to come forward to fully express your thoughts, wants, needs and sexual desires.

What Type of Bondage do you like?

Do you want all control gone or just some? I am a big fan of having no control. For this reason we incorporate blindfolds and ballgags into our play as well. There is more to the bondage experience that having my wrists bound. Master will attest to the fact that when I am bound, gagged and blindfolded I go much crazier than with simple bondage. I love the anticipation.

Once you have decided how far you want to go with the bondage, then you just play around. As a submissive, you will leave the sexual decisions to your own Master. He will then determine what he'd like to do to you and how far he'd like to take it.

As always, you need to make sure you have a safewordand all erotic bondage play should always be safe, sane and consensual.

We incorporate a lot of teasing into our playing. The more he teases me, the more I enjoy it. Sometimes I am allowed to beg, others I am not to move or speak. It really comes back to his choices and the type of sexual mood we have set for that evening's erotic enticements.

That being said, Master bases his choices on what he knows or perceives I will enjoy based on getting to know my own personal preferences. It's really trial and error. However, to make things even more enjoyable to make sure you and your partner are on the same page, I highly recommend you print off and take our bondage and kink checklist. This will help you more clearly define your likes and desires, along with knowing where you comfort level is along with your partner's. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to incorporate bondage into your sex life. You just have to test a variety of ideas out and see where you would like it to go.

As the saying goes, free your mind and your body will follow.

Remember that your sexually enticing options are absolutely endless. You can be rope bound in any position and virtually any place. Well, except for the mall, they tend to frown upon it there…*wink*…but just image all your new admirers….

You can make erotic bondage playtime satisfyingly rough or havesweet, beautiful and gentle bondage sex. You can use things like ties and bondage rope or you can use sexy steel handcuffs, leather wrist or stunningly beautiful yet very effective LuxePvc Bondage Straps. The level of your sexual satisfaction even though you are bound is completely up to you. By being open and honest with your partner, you are creating the optimium scenario for complete sexual satisfaction and the heedy and often spokenof by those in the know as "subspace".

Again, always make sure that you use a safe word and make sure that both of you are comfortable with your roles and decisions. Give yourself permission to just let go and enjoy. Embrace your sexuality and fully immerse yourself in your sensuality. Bondage is about so much more than sex. Bondage is about trust, love, giving and sharing. Give your partner the secret side of yourself and allow for the sensuality of play while keeping open communication and you will find that submission can be one of the best things you have ever experienced.

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