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What a Submissive Should Wear to Impress Their Master or Mistress

If you are a submissive, you know that pleasing your dominant partner is one of the most important things in your intimate life. And the most important aspect that you need to pay attention to is your outfit. The way you look can turn on your lover as soon as they lay their eyes on you, which is ultimately your goal. Luckily, the market has a wide variety of lingerie for both men and women, that will expose your submissive values without any effort.

If you are a submissive girl, the sky is the limit when it comes to the pieces of lingerie that you can wear in the bedroom. You can try anything from a basic outfit that exposes your beautiful body to different roleplay costumes that will bring your dominant’s fantasy to life. You can be a sexy nurse or a hot mail, depending on your prefeences and seduce your master with your obedient beauty and sexuality. Make sure to add the right accessories to your outfit, such as a ball gag or a sexy collar. collars by themselves are a great submissive statement which is why you should always have several of these in your sexual arsenal. Match them with your outfit and there is no way you can fail when you want to have an intense sexual encounter.

If you like impact play, make sure you add to your outfit your favourite sex toys such as your flogger or paddle and hand them to your dominant if you feel like you need some discipline. This will open the path to a great sexual experience and it will get your dominant in the mood for whatever you aim to experience. And you get the satisfaction that you participate in an active way to your sexual life rather than putting everything under the control of your dominant partner.

Guys are also privileged when it comes to their submissive side. They have plenty of options to indulge in so that they can please their mistress in the best way possible. As a submissive man, you can successfully wear a sexy hood. These hoods come in a lot of model and styles to choose from and they can accommodate any type of preferences. You can also wear leather boxers and certain harnesses to enhance your obedience and show your lover that you are just there to please them. Remember that your pleasure will not be left aside because the satisfaction you bring to your mistress will also bring you plenty of sexual pleasure itself. There is nothing more exciting for a mistress, than a male slave wearing a hot hood or a body harness that will make their body look sexy and accessible at the same time. If you coat this with a great attitude as well, you will have one of the best sex scenes of your life.

But besides what you are wearing during such an intense sexual encounter, it is also important to have the right mindset for such an intimate event. Relax yourself and allow your lover to discover the potential of your body slowly, and entertain the sexual activities that brings them pleasure. You will also find your pleasure every time you lead your master or mistress to an intense orgasm. Learn to give up control over your own sexuality and trust that your dominant partner will take care of your sexual needs as well, along with their own needs. This might require certain practice and experience but it is even better each time you try it. Allow your imagination to discover new sexual fantasies and bring them into your intimate life.

A great outfit will help you reach the atmosphere that you are aiming for and it will give your lover the visual stimulation that can turn them on as soon as they see you. And don’t forget about your make up and your hair as these are details that can make all the difference during such a sex scene. You can adapt your hairstyle to the fantasy that you are playing. This is an important detail especially during roleplay as it completes the sexy image of your character. If you are a maid, use one of those tiaras that maids use in order to create the excitement that you are going for. Also, try to give power to your character by wearing a great make up that will intrigue your master. Girls can do that when they want to have an exciting evening or simply when they want to make a surprise to their lover on a special occasion. Set your heart free and expose your body in the sexiest way possible in order to create the fetish that both you and your lover will enjoy!

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