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Useful Tips to Get in the Mood for Sex

Your sex life is just as important as other aspects of your life and you should not neglect it if you want to have a happy and healthy relationships. However, due to a busy schedule or a lot of house chores that need to be performed, your intimacy might be put on a second plan without even realizing it. Before you know it, you are too tired to engage in the complex sexual encounters that you used to enjoy with your lover. And this never has a good future for any relationship. But there are ways to fight those dull and tired moments when you don’t feel like having an exciting sex scene and if you apply them, your sex life will never have to suffer again! Not to mention the amount of intense orgasms that both you and your partner will enjoy together!

1. Watch erotic videos

Erotic videos are a great way to stimulate your sexuality and wake up your sexual desire even when you seem to be too tired for it. You can watch some erotic videos by yourself or with your partner, when you don’t feel in the mood for sex or masturbation. The visual stimulation will help you get more in touch with your sexuality and feel more comfortable about sharing it with your lover. Make sure to have your favorite sex toys and accessories when you enjoy such an erotic video because you will get excited in a matter of minutes. And if you are alone, a vibrator or butt plug can do the trick for an amazing sexual masturbation. However, if you watch erotic videos with your lover, you two will start touching each other in no time and you will enjoy a hot session of sexual pleasure even if you didn’t think you would be up for one.

2. Play with each other more often

Even if you are too tired for sexual intercourse, playing with each other can’t harm. You can touch each other and use naughty words to increase the level of intimacy and see where it takes you. You can also add some sex toys and accessories to the entire intimate scene and it might end up in an orgasm before you know it. And if it doesn’t, you can at least stimulate the level of intimacy between you and your partner which is just as important and reaching a climax. Use nipple clamps or electro stimulating devices that will do the job without needing much work. In most cases, such toys are perfect for those nights when you are too tired to perform, and they can give an intense satisfaction to both you and your partner.

3. Sext throughout the day

Sexting has many advantages for a relationship and it can add a lot of fun to your days when you are at work or away from your lover. You can send your lover kinky messages throughout the day to keep their interest and have them looking forward to an intense sexual encounter at the end of it. Tell them about your sexual desires and fantasies and stimulate their imagination as much as you can so that they will count the hours until they get into your arms. Chances are your partner will also reply to your naughty messages and you can go back and forth in a very hot way. You can even indulge in some intense fast sessions of masturbation during your breaks and let your partner know how they went and how much you were thinking of them when you were stimulating yourself. Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to sexting your partner. You can entertain this in so many ways that you will never get bored of it. And by the end of the day, a sexual encounter will be a must after so much sexual stimulation.

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