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More Sexy Foreplay Tips for Couples

There are plenty of ways on how you can make foreplay extra fun. It is all about finding new and creative ways to keep things interesting and fresh. Of course, the particular foreplay you engage in will depend on what you enjoy, your interests and preferences. But here are some more ideas for you to incorporate into your sex life. Hey, you can never have enough ideas, right? *wink*

Arousing kisses

    Something you can always improve on is your kissing technique. If you want to try something different to arouse your partner, you will want to hold his or her hand and gently touch the back of it with your thumb. Afterward, you will take their hand and place it to your lips to press them against it. The final step is to put your mouth against the insides of their wrist; you will be able to sense how their pulse rate increases.

    A good technique to really increase sensitivity is to use your breathing interchangeably with kisses. For example, kiss your partner’s neck or chest and then follow by blowing some air into the same spot you have just kissed. This also works very well when you follow licks with blows of air. This change in sensations will increase your partner’s sensitivity, preparing them for sex.

    Sweet treats

    If the two of you love food or treats, you can add them to a special night. Begin by leaving a trace of chocolates, candy or some other food item your partner enjoys. The idea is to surprise them with it, have them notice the trail you left ends right at the bed. This will be a nice surprise to your partner when you have one thing on your mind. You earn extra points if you are already lying down naked on the bed when they finish following the leads.

    Put on a seductive show

      When you want to give your partner a show, you can lead them to the bedroom and make them watch as you undress. Do a little striptease as they are seated on the bed. If you are a woman, you can make it even better by putting on something sexy like lingerie and heels. If you are a man, make sure you wear something your partner finds sexy. Everything goes, as long as you two are game.

      Create surprising and exciting moments

        For those who have very busy lives and can’t find any instance to indulge as a couple, there is no need to miss out on those sexual moments. When your partner is taking a shower join him or her when they least expect it and have a shower together. Take the soap and lather all their entire body, making sure to get into those hard to reach places, you don’t want to be dirty after all, right? This is a fantastic way to squeeze in a quickie before work.

        Another cool thing to drive your partner delightfully mad is to take off one item of clothing when you are together. For example, pick a random moment and leave the room for a minute so you can take off your underwear. When you return, let him know you have taken off something and he has to find out what was it *wink* This can be a good way to let him know you are in the mood for some sexy times.

        Rubbing and grinding

          Who doesn’t love a good foot rub? You can always use your feet and rub your partner’s penis between them. This will be really sexy and will get him right where you want him. Remember to do some grinding for an additional zing. Foreplay is all about increasing sexual desire to get the two of you hotter for each other. This is why grinding against each other never fails. Hey, it’s like having sex with your clothes on *wink*

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