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3 Ways to Enjoy a Pinwheel in Sex Play

When it comes to sexually stimulating your partner, you have plenty of options to choose from and you can be as inventive as you feel comfortable with. Pinwheels are not for beginners but you don’t need a lot of experience to use them either.

The more you use them, the more you will enjoy their benefits! Let’s see how you can incorporate a pinwheel into your sexual life and what sexual sensations you can achieve by using it! Your partner will be more than happy to discover the advantages of a pinwheel with you and chances are you will love it more than you expected.

1. Sexual stimulation

    Pinwheels come in various shapes and with a variety of pins. They can be made of plastic or solid steel. Choose the one you find more appealing and use it as soon as you take it out of the box. It is great for stimulating your partner’s erogenous zones and to turn on their sexual energy.

    You can also enjoy the shivers of your partner as you run the wheel all over their back and give them spine chills to make you enjoy each one of their reactions.

    2. Part of any bondage scene you can think of

      If you are into BDSM practices and bondage styles, you will love adding a pinwheel to your sex scenes. Tie your submissive partner with your favorite rope or tape or make them wear the best body harness they have then run the pinwheel down their most sensitive areas.

      They will find it hard to fight the urge to climax and will even beg you to stop but you don’t have to as long as you can clearly see how much they enjoy what you are doing! You can excite them by using the pinwheel more than they are willing to endure and enjoy the benefits of a turned on slave who is willing to do everything you ask them to have an intense and exciting orgasm.

      3. Great foreplay

        We all know how important foreplay is to a good sexual encounter. It is the first step toward intimacy and it can become very important for the quality of your relationship in general and your sex life in particular. When it comes to a good session of foreplay, you can use many sex toys and accessories, along with long and passionate kisses and touches to turn your lover on.

        But using a pinwheel will give you the most intense foreplay ever! You can use it to get your partner in the mood for an exciting sexual encounter and you don’t need any warning for it. You can wake your lover up by using a pinwheel and continue running it down their skin until you notice they are just as interested as you are into having a kinky sexual session.

        In time, you will probably have more than one pinwheel and use them according to different situations. You can use the steel ones for hardcore BDSM scenes to spice things up even more. Use the smaller ones for foreplay and exciting moments between you and your lover.

        What is most important is to keep an open mind and adjust to your partner’s needs as well. They might not be on the same page with you yet. Taking the baby steps is the best approach you can make. Keep in mind, pinwheels can look quite intimidating to beginners so make sure to explain your partner all its benefits and help them feel familiar and comfortable with such a tool before you introduce it to your sexual life. Chances are, over time they will love it just as much as you do and they will eventually thank you for showing them the benefits of using a pinwheel.

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