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Step Up Your Foreplay

Foreplay is a very important part of sex. I would even dare to say is even more important than sex itself because if someone is not properly aroused or in the mood, sex will never be enjoyable. That is why having a good foreplay is so important. Without the right bases, a building will fall apart…and yes, I just used an architect metaphor to compare constructions with sex. I’m not ashamed wink*

If you have been feeling stuck on a route lately when it comes to foreplay, this article is for you. Sometimes we tend to overlook this part and just think kissing will do the trick, and I am not saying kissing is not nice, but it may get boring if that is the only thing you do. There are plenty of other techniques to try out there! Just like fishes in the sea. And yes, I just used another metaphor. Maybe I should cool it down…for now wink*.

A great somewhat kinky option is switch the clitoral stimulation with some grinding…against your partner’s thigh. It’s simple, but who doesn’t love dry humping? Besides, it is incredibly hot as well. This is a great way to really stimulate that pubic mound and clit in a different and unexpected manner.

And speaking about things everyone loves, don’t forget about the boobs. It’s imperative to show them some attention during foreplay; most women have sensitive nipples and are a huge erogenous body part. Maybe your partner likes to touch them during penetration, but encourage them to play with them during foreplay as well! C’mon, let’s show them some attentions with the hands and tongue wink*

If you are looking to improve your partner’s oral technique, the “Eastern swirl and poke” can be the solution. It’s actually very simple: tell them to relax their lips and make their tongues swirl around the tip of the nipples or clitoris. They should alternate this motion with a gentle poking from the tip of the tongue. It will bring some fun and sensual experiences during foreplay.

For something a bit more elaborate, you can use some temperature play. You can put some ice cubes in your mouth to cool your tongue and mouth; you can then stimulate them orally for some nice cool sensations. It’s a bit less intense than rubbing an ice cube down their penis for instance, so it can be something fun to try.

If you are in the mood for something fun and movie like, grab some chocolate, cake, honey or basically anything that can be smeared down the body. Cover them with it and then proceed it lick it all over, because “hey, they need to be cleaned over after all” Instead of a bowl, you can use certain parts of their bodies to eat ice cream for instance wink* It looks really simple and can be quite silly, but I guarantee you is something very arousing.

To take things to the next level, just grab a blindfold. Take turns with the blindfold and caress and stimulate your bodies, extra points if you do so with different texture and items. For example, you can use an ice cube, or you can run a whip down their back; alternate between light paddling and running a gentle feather in the inside of their legs… get the idea? As long as you alternate as much as you can, the sensations will be more enhanced.

You can also use some toys made out of metal or even glass. Glass is the perfect companion for temperature play: run it down warm mater to make them warm and put them in the fridge for a few minutes for a cool toy. The cool or warm toy will feel very different while you run it down a penis, a clitoris, the buttocks…

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