Hot Foreplay Tips to Make Her Want More

Foreplay is not something to overlook because it is necessary in order for a woman to enjoy sex. Quite simply, if you want to give a woman sexual enjoyment and orgasm, you need to engage in sensuous foreplay. There are many ways in which you can do this but it depends on what your preferences are and what your partner enjoys. Whatever you do, just make sure it is something you both like. If you don’t know where to start, I have some tips you may find helpful.

1. Have an open communication

    Before we get into anything, keep in mind the first thing you can do is simply ask her what she likes and what turns her on. This can make a great impression because it shows you are interested in knowing what arouses her and therefore, it indicates you want to please her. Of course, this is something very positive for the relationship. Overall, an honest and open communication is essential to a healthy relationship.

    2. Give her an arousing massage

      One very effective approach, if you are a bit lost and you don’t have an idea what to do, is to make use of an erotic massage. You can massage her legs with some oil preferably with a lavender scent, begin at her ankles and move slowly all the way to her upper thighs. You can also focus on her feet and knead the arch of her foot and heels because usually there is a lot of pressure in this region. You can finish by sucking on her toes if this is something both of you enjoy wink*

      3. Stimulate her clitoris properly

        Obviously, the clitoris is a very sensitive zone but you need to know how to work it right. Contrary to what many men believe, few women enjoy direct and hard pressure here because it can be really painful. What you want to do is to rub and touch the clitoral hood – this is the area where the top of the labia meets - and the sides of the clitoris instead of the actual bud.

        If you are giving her oral stimulation, try showing some attention to the clitoris for a while and then divert to something else. This area loves being teased, so you want to spend much time there. Do some sucking and licking in a varied tempo.

        Another good tip when it comes to oral sex is the “8 technique.” This is simply concentrating on creating a figure eight with your tongue on her clitoris. Try sucking on it until it swells and doubles in size and help yourself to expose it with your fingers. Flick your tongue left and right, then with the rough area of your tongue, go up and down. Lastly, you can also do it by alternating the use of the tip of your tongue and its undersides because the different sensations she will be able to feel will turn out incredibly nice.

        Focus on her labia too

          Don’t forget about the labia as well. This is also a very sensitive region. You would want to grab each one with your thumb and forefinger in order to rub them and massage them up and down. Alternately, you can also use your whole palm to kind of squish the labia like a dough

          Lastly, remember to continue kissing her because it is a sure way to keep her going. Whatever you do, make sure you are enjoying it. She will know right away if you only want to get through with her or if you only want to get her for just sex or penetration. These few things can kill her mood for sex. Find something you both enjoy and focus on the body parts you love about her. Basically, if she knows and watches you enjoying the ordeal, it will make her feel hotter.

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