What You Need to Know About the Art of Foreplay

Foreplay really makes the difference between a casual, regular sex as opposed to a good, awesome sex. So yes, you would definitely want to know more about it. There are several aspects to keep in mind when it comes to foreplay. If you want to find out more about them to have the best sexual experiences in your life, keep on reading.

Although you may feel tempted, there is really no need to rush through foreplay and go straight to the actual intercourse right away. A lot of experts actually recommend that you think of foreplay as an appetizer to the main course, an appetizer that you should always devour with gusto. Or, you can also think about this as if you were eating bread: on its own is just fine but isn’t nicer to have some melted, juicy butter in there, right? Foreplay is something necessary to have a positive sexual experience that is why you should never miss it out.

Oftentimes, if not always, foreplay and the whole intercourse experience turns out to be completely linked and connected. Basically, women need foreplay in order to enjoy sex. Women take a bit longer to be ready for sex and foreplay helps them get there. It will help her in terms of lubrication concerns and will make things more comfortable.

So, what does foreplay entail? You can say it can be any physical activities that happen before penetration or anything that gets you in the mood for sex. It comes in a lot of different forms depending on what you (and your partner) like and enjoy. For instance, foreplay can include touching and caressing each other’s hands, a back rub, kisses, a striptease, a massage, flirting, whispering sexy things to each other, wearing something sexy, caresses to the legs, even hair caresses can be a form of foreplay if it turns you on. Anything that gets you aroused can be considered foreplay. It can take shape and any forms, verbally, or none.

You need to keep in mind to continue doing it even when you are in the midst of ‘having sex’, or the part that involves the actual penetration. For a lot of people, foreplay is also the part of sex that makes it last longer. Why would you want to hurry up and get over it quickly? Take your time! Foreplay is all about the touches, the looks, and the sensuality of it all. That is why it needs to last throughout the whole sexual experience. And keep in mind this is not about having an orgasm and be over with it; enjoy the whole thing and stretch it out as much as you can.

Something else you want to keep in mind is to pay attention to all body parts. Naturally we all tend to focus on the common erogenous areas, but there are sensitive areas all over the body (not to mention they sometimes vary depending on the person). For instance, the vulva and clitoris in particular are highly erogenous zones, but it is not a good idea for her partner to just focus on that right away. It is best to start with the face, focus on the neck, the back of the ears, the back of the knees, etc. before digging to that area. Like I said earlier, the idea is for you to enjoy the whole thing. Do whatever feels right. Be receptive of all the different sensations that you experience while giving back to your partner. And of course, do learn more about some untouched erogenous parts of your partner. Finally, don’t forget to tell them exactly what you need and enjoy the encounter. wink*

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