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Forgotten Erogenous Zones to Explore in Foreplay

When we think about foreplay, we tend to think about the major sex organs. While there is nothing wrong with stimulating the same body parts we know and love, sometimes it can be a good idea to switch things up and little bit. Show attention to the regions you have been ignoring…at the end, everything needs love too, right? So next time you are about to have sex, don’t forget about these areas.


    The border around the lips is highly sensitive and tends to be forgotten in favor of the mouth or face. The buccal nerve located around the edges of the mouth can definitely be stimulated for your partner’s carnal pleasure. Try drawing the edges of your partner’s mouth with the tip of one finger and they would feel a very tingly sensation. And for the next step, don’t forget about it when you are kissing: kiss them as usual but run the tip of your tongue through the upper lip…so sexy wink*


    The nipples are also highly erogenous; this may not be a surprise for you. But what may surprise you is that men love nipple play as well, so there is no need to discriminate. Depending on the person (male or female) there are several things they can enjoy, it is just a matter of either telling your partner what you enjoy or them trying out different things until you find something that you like. To begin with, you can flick them with your tongue, rub them, play with them in your hands, and stroke them. You can even bite them a little if that is something the person enjoys.


      Just as well, the neck is something a lot of people focus on when it comes to foreplay. The area bypassing that little spot where the neck meets with the chest in the collarbone is a sensual spot. The skin is not very thick at that spot, so everything feels a million times more sensitive. Do you need more reasons to touch that area? Try kissing the neck and at the same time trailing your index and middle finger from one shoulder to that little spot in the middle, you can always move your fingers in a circular movement too. And after a while, go at it with your mouth and kiss it. This will feel super nice and erotic for your partner.


        Something else that both men and women will love stimulating is the area between the bottom of the rib cage to the hips at the side of the torso. To be more specific, that region is linked to both the clitoris and the penis, so everyone will enjoy it. You can begin by stroking that region with your fingers and then follow with some kisses, while applying firm pressure. This will do two things: one, it will feel really good and second, it will relax the pelvic floor muscles and will prepare them to have a better and more powerful orgasm.


          Another great sensitive region is located at the back, right in the base of the spine. For this one, you should massage the back starting at the shoulder blades, then moving down. When you get to the bottom, change to a lighter touch and run your fingers over the base. A fun thing you can also try is to run your cheek over that area. This will not only be unexpected, it will also feel very nice because of the dopamine that gets released by that skin-to-skin contact. You can conclude by running your lips and by raking your fingernails over that same spot.


            Lastly, the inner thighs are also highly sensitive. You can lick your finger and then run it all the way down to the mid inner thigh towards the top. Do that a few times and then go down that same way with your tongue. If your partner is too ticklish, try giving the area some kisses to soothe the sensation. This area is a winner because it will feel super sexy and will arouse you in no time because the nerves there are connected to the genitals.

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