3 Best Ways to Dominate Your Male Submissive

BDSM couples can enjoy a wide variety of sex scenes based on the fetishes and fantasies they have. They can also use the best and most exciting sex toys on the market to discover new ways to reach even more intense orgasms than ever before. If you are a dominant or a mistress, chances are you will always be interested in discovering new ways to dominate your submissive partner. These types of sex scenes are suitable for all couples, regardless of the gender and sexual orientation of the partners. However, in a dominant-submissive relationship, the gender of the latter would dictate the type of sex toys to use. If you have a male slave, chances are you might not be able to use the same sex toys you would use to dominate a female slave. In this case, a little adjustment should be done. If you are a beginner when it comes to dominating your submissive male, here are some ideas you can apply to your intimate life and see the kind of sexual satisfaction they bring you.

1. Try impact play with your favorite sex toys

If you like to try out different sex toys and accessories you will be thrilled to know dominating your male slave offers you plenty of occasions to do so. You can use paddles, floggers, whips and any other form of impact play to discipline your submissive partner just the way you want and both of you will love every second of it. This can be the foreplay session before an intense intercourse or it can be a sex scene by itself. You can both reach some incredible orgasms by enjoying some impact play even if you don’t actually have intercourse or sexual stimulation. The intensity of a good impact play depends on you and how strong your hits are during such a scene. But make sure to have a safe word in place in case you and your lover reach a limit of tolerance or you don’t feel comfortable with what is going on.

2. Use a penis pump

Penis pumps are a great sex toy to get your lover hard before intercourse or to simply over stimulate them sexually. Your submissive slave will love to wear the penis pump and let you control it. You can also use an electric penis pump so your hands can focus on other aspects of your sex scene. Penis pumps can be used in a wide variety of sex scenes and it is up to you and your imagination to make the most out of it. Your lover will also come up with some ideas which can only add to your sexual satisfaction. As you use a penis pump on your submissive male, try to keep a firm attitude and not allow them to reach an orgasm for as long as you can control yourself too, because this is also a challenge for the dominant partner.

3. Have them crossdress in a sexy way to make them feel even more submissive

Crossdressing is a very popular practice within the BDSM community. If your submissive male is curious of this aspect, you can have him wear a sexy maid costume and see how much sexual satisfaction both of you can get out of it. You will totally love to see them wearing such a costume and you will get inspired to put together a complex roleplay based on such an image. Use your imagination and make the most out of such a sex scene to help your lover feel satisfied by the way you dominate them at the same time give yourself the type of orgasm you desire. Crossdressing has no limits so you can go as far as your wish for.

As you can see, a submissive male can bring you a lot of sexual satisfaction and the good thing is it goes both ways. The submissive partner will get their pleasure from satisfying you while you get yours from controlling and dominating them. It is a great symbiotic relationship to have and it is amazing to experience the sexual pleasure such a connection can bring you. So, use your imagination and explore the potential of your submissive male in any form possible because you will not regret it. It might be a great idea to talk to your partner and see if they have any new ideas regarding the way they would love to be dominated and disciplined. Most slaves know exactly what to expect from their mistress or dominant but after such a conversation you might discover new fetishes and fantasies the two of you should try together on your next intimate encounter.

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