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Great Ways to Experiment with Female Domination

If you’ve never thought you could be more dominant in the bedroom, think again. Experimenting with domination is a great way to explore your own sexuality, try something different with your partner and most of all, have plenty of fun! If you feel a little weird because you’ve never taken action or are a bit intimidated by hardcore BDSM like whips and chains, I have some tips so you can slowly ease into this.

The first thing you need to be aware of is to constantly communicate. Have a discussion with your partner about expectations; knowing what your partner enjoys and dislikes will be helpful. This doesn’t mean he will decide exactly what you will do, but getting an idea about their general interests will be key towards you two having a great experience. It also helps to know what their hard limits are or what things they are not interested in trying; with that in mind, you can roughly design what you will do in the bedroom.

And don’t forget to settle on a safe word. Make sure it’s an uncommon word or something rarely used, especially in that context. When this safe word is uttered, all action must stop immediately because the scene went too far.

Before you begin, decide the name or term he will refer to you. It can be something like Ma’am, Mistress, Miss…whatever it is you want. He should call you by that term, because if he doesn’t, you will need to punish him. A good way to punish him is to make him kneel and do some oral sex on you…or just spank him lightly wink*

For the actual play, you can get some toys to enhance playtime. You don’t need to invest in super fancy items, but some basic equipment will definitely help. Something that restricts their movement is a must, so you can get some handcuffs or rope, for instance. You will also need a blindfold to have them experiment a little bit of sensory deprivation…

The idea is for you to play around the notion your partner is there only to serve you. Their needs will now matter to you, your needs will be the ones being attended to. This can be interpreted in a million ways and that is the idea: for you to take this as you want and build a scene that satisfies you exactly. Yes, Ma’am.

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