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Female Sexual Empowerment Best Tips

Who doesn't like to be pampered? Having all your needs taken cared of, having massages and foot rubs, being the center of attention… Basically feeling like a goddess. If a man is the one doing all these things to you, well that certainly adds something extra to the whole situation. Imagine a man who gets all the pleasure from giving you pleasure, someone who agrees to everything you say and does not complain when you give him instructions. Even better, visualize that same man, doing all these things and besides taking care of the house chores. Cooking, cleaning, pleasuring you and taking all the commands he's been givensomeone who, to put in simple terms, worships you (I think I need a fan around here)

Well all these things sound perfect. Almost too perfect for reality, a nice fantasy most women have… Beep! Wrong, guess again Because this kind of relationship is possible. Yes, in space not on this earth, I hear you say from afar. But this is actually attainable here, in this earth at this day and time. And I hope you are sitting because what I'm about to tell you might cause you to be blown away: the possibilities that you are living or having a relationship with this man I just described are quite high. But how could it be, you are asking yourself. Well, the truth is there are a lot of guys out there who would love to be able to fit in this mold, millions of men with the potential to be this "perfect man". And here is the best part of this whole thing: you are the one with the power to achieve this (here, smell these salts. I'll be here when you wake up wink*)

It is a known fact, a truth universally acknowledged that women hold power over men. So why not to take all of this to our advantage? This kind of power has the potential to change your life for the better. And I'm not talking about sex and relationships… Well, at least not exclusively, wink* because this can be applicable to other areas of your life. Trough time we have been led to believe men are the dominant and powerful gender, but don't be fooled by this notion. Females have a lot of things going in their favor to become the ruler, a force to be reckoned with.

When you first start seeing a guy he's extremely attentive. He makes sure your needs are being taking cared of, that you are happy. He collaborates in everything he can; he's basically the perfect man. But along the way, as time passes by, he starts to care a little less. Those passionate all night long sex sessions are 30 minutes of something a little lackluster, the dishes are still at the sink when you get home and he stays up watching tv instead of giving you a little massage when you are stressed. When you realize he's not the same way as he were when you started dating its too late. Have you ever encountered this situation? Because chances are yes, of course!

This is typically man behavior. At first they tend to be more submissive while women take the dominant position. Usually this is not a conscious choice, it's a pattern we fall into as humans. But when the two of you start going steady, things are took for granted and well, you know how the story goes.

That's why you should not be scared of taking back control. You did it once, you can do it now and you will do it again. You just have to remember the powerful goddess that lies within you. You are an ideal creation, an intelligent, special, unique, beautiful, talented and sexual woman, with an infinity of good qualities ready to be put to good use, so what are you waiting for?

The confidence that comes with knowing and believing this cannot be compared with anything else. Don't be afraid of owning these things, its your right. Don't be afraid of expressing your sexuality, there's nothing wrong without it (its actually encouraged!) Wear clothes that you love and represent you, things that make you feel beautiful and sexy (don't be scared of a little leather, by the way!). My tip is to wear heels as often as you can, they give you that extreme boost of confidence that only high heels provide wink* Learn what hairstyle and color looks best on you and take the maximum advantage of your looks; discover the best make up style for your features and complexion. Eat healthy and find a work out that you love and can practice regularly (even if it is just walking!) You'll be surprised how these little things can make you feel great, giving you that extra glow that cannot be faked. And trust me, men notice these attitudes.

And while you are at it, pay attention to your mental health. Do things that you love, experience a full life (whatever those things means to you!) Learn a new language if you love learning new things, join a book club if you like reading, go after things that interest you. When you are at work take advantage of your new found confidence. Don't be scared to speak up and go after things that you want. Don't be confused if that promotion comes faster than you thought.

In the bedroom take a little more dominant role. Ask for the things you want, be clear about your expectations in the relationship and don't allow for your man to take you for granted. Don't be scared if you want to try new things and spice up your sex life, go after them instead. Overcome your inhibitions and remember that pleasure is the main goal of sex.

Remember the mind is the most powerful thing there is. If you expect nice things to happen, chances are they will happen.

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