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Male Submissive Guide: Erotic Slave Subjugation Tips

The importance of being in the cage, a study in identity reframing

Like an animal in a cage

Just like important news that are part of our collective minds, that "where were you when…" or the first time we knew we were in love with someone, its likely the moment you became interested and decided to pursue male training is engraved in your brain forever. After you decided to go around this wonderful path, it is usual to start asking friends or more experienced females about it, and they (Myself) will love to share tips and experiences. What's more, just like the beginning stages of a relationship, a woman will probably won't stop talking about her newfound female dominance and the male submission. It is also likely the man will sit silently while his woman talks about the details of his subservience to friends and family.

But what about the man sitting there in silence? They can be tense if they are discussing his submissiveness out in the open, particularly if there are other men present. This is usually attributed to Fear Of Being Seen As Pussy-Whipped or FOBSAPW (You can let out that long breath now, wink*) The good thing is, this discomfort tends to disappear after a man's condition has been shown a few times to the same people, probably because once it's out there, there's nothing to fear. He loses his "pussy whipped" fear once his status has been exposed, assumed and recognized. If the woman keeps the positive reinforcing, it leads to another type of behavior: men try to live up to the reputation you have shaped for them (my favorite wink*). This means they will do their best to show off their best self with other people. Basically this voluntary obedience is the target of male training.

A little humiliation and pride

Those two emotions are engraved in human behavior with the purpose of letting an individual know there have been fast changes in popularity and status. Why do we like feeling proud? Because it signifies we have to repeat whatever thing we have done that made us feel good. On the other side of the boxing ring we have humiliation, which makes us feel bad because it detects our popularity has decreased and we should stop whatever we have been doing. These feelings can be conjured up in our brains, we can imagine how we will feel if we do a certain thing. This is nature's way of guiding us in the social road, creating social partners and dodging disapproval and segregation (wise lady, that nature wink*)

Training a man follows the same principle as training an animal (don't laugh! In the end we are all animals, actually giggles), this means it seeks to manipulate already existing emotions, not changing them or creating them out of thin air like a magician (I wish!) And controlling emotions it's important because it allow us to control conducts (Ok, maybe a little like a magician, after all, giggles)

Observing the behavior

Showing a man's submission is a way of formalizing and assimilating into a social background. Obviously in social situations emotions like humiliation and pride will arouse. And in most social circles displaying the male's obedience is not the norm; this is why it is likely that a defense mechanism like anxiety is triggered in the man's brain. This emotion will probably convert to shame (think about the FOBSAPW); laughter and scrutiny will acerbate this process.

Most men will find themselves silent or freeze themselves, even more if it is the first time they encounter this. This will not be problematic; while your man is feeling humiliation his subconscious is busy dealing with the social aftermath of this exposure. This means the other stimuli he receives will pass on without being filtered, get it? So in this case, his objectification will go right in. His mind is preoccupied with the exposure and he will not realize he has been converted to a defenseless object, he is thing which is being acted upon.

This creates the shift from actor to object. And it's groundbreaking because it's happening in a state in which his logical mind is not working properly. Therefore he is unable to cope and this will become relevant and integrated in his brain because this is all occurring among an emotional, socially or sensitive state. While this is happening, it is advised not to interact with him and stop his distractions; don't ask him for reaffirmation of something you have said or ask him to do things. It's better to remain indifferent to his presence while you are talking about his condition. His silence will be interpreted as agreement.

Once the shift is done and he gets used to being exhibited, he will overcome his shame and pride will be the primary emotion. After this, he will work hard to make you feel proud of him and he will also work to keep the high standard you have created. He definitely does not want to be exposed as bad servant, right? Wink*

Serves him right

Now that you know the benefits of it, you definitely want to try telling everyone about your man's complaisance. Shower him with praise and build him a strong reputation and he will be scared of ruining it with being rude.

He will want to live up to the expectations of "most attentive husband", for instance. And he will accompany his pride with the quality of his service, related to obedience in the long term.

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