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Male Submissive Guide: Truths About Male Submission

Popularity among male chastity is certainty on the rise. More and more women are choosing to represent themselves as liberated females in complete control of their sexuality through male chastity and with ownership of their guys. Given these devices work like typical training, chastity is a clear example of those old 2 psychological conducts that will probably ring a bell: negative punishment and positive reinforcement. This is because male chastity uses these techniques; it allows to grant orgasms or withdrawn them as you choose. But as you may imagine, chastity is only a small piece of the complete puzzle that is a male management program. Without the whole package, it's impossible to properly implement positive punishment and negative reinforcement.

In the context of a better understanding of training, here are the main pillars that represent training and conduct modification:

  • Negative punishment: This happens when a certain conduct (this is the response) is followed by the removal of the favorable stimuli after a behavior that is not desirable. Think about taking away a children's toy or not giving a treat to a dog (told you it was like a hamster's training, wink*). With time, these results in the eradication of said "bad conduct". This can be used to our advantage by extending the abstinence period after and transgression, for example.
  • Positive reinforcement: This arises when the response is being trailed by favorable stimuli. Positive reinforcement will maximize the continuity of a good conduct, like giving your guy a reward like a sexual outlet after being a good boy.
  • Negative reinforcement: It happens when a response is followed by the elimination of an unpleasant incentive, maximizing the continuity of that conduct. When you begin a longer delay to a current and brief, but painful electric pulse, you are exercising negative reinforcement.
  • Positive punishment: We are in presence of positive punishment when a conduct is followed by an unpleasant incentive. This could be when you direct a brief and harmless electric pulse or administer a beating or canning.

The first two techniques can be easily applied with a little good ol' male chastity regime. But the last two do will have the need for an unpleasant incentive.

So, how do you apply it? Well, negative incentives have long been used in the form of a beating. Nevertheless, this can lead to some problems like the time and energy that requires (specially if you don't always have the proper equipment) and the absence of an immediate response when you can't apply the stimuli.

A positive reinforcement highly benefits from the unpredictability of the method, but positive punishment relies on fixed and strict rules underlying the incentive's application. It's actually the regularity of it, in addition to the fastness of application that will decide how strong the relation is going to be. This means if you can't act fast and apply the incentive fast, it will not be very effective. This is usually what happens when you are out of the house; if a man knows the negative incentive cannot be applied fast, chances are he will misbehave. If certain circumstances don't allow immediate punishment, given lack of energy or equipment, the system is also disrupted, making the whole process ineffective.

If a woman fails to punish the man when necessary, they are reinforcing his disobedience and bad habits. By doing this, they will be (unknowingly) providing negative reinforcement to reward them for their insubordination. And not only that, but sometimes men can see that as disinterest or lack of attention, which prompt them to disobey again (this time louder) to gain back your attention, just like a puppy would do. If not taken care of, this can move forward to a circle of displeasure or discontent, often creating more annoyance and disobedience. In fact, many men will tell you their bad conducts are caused by skipped punishments and an inconsistent implementation of the rules.

Those are the reasons why women benefit from a quick and easy way of applying negative incentives. Is not only more effective, but it also prevents all the conducts mentioned above. So, you can either apply the negative stimulation in the form of:

  • An icy stare, that does not cause great exertion from you but it will probably get you in a bad mood. It is not super effective but it only requires visual contact and can be done in public.
  • A slap, which requires a little physical effort on your part. It does make a point but depending on the context it may require some privacy.

Corporal punishment that is highly effective. It does need a lot of your physical effort, privacy and some props, but it is probably the most effective.

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