The time comes in a couple’s life when they might want to become parents. While there is no set up date for such an important change, it is always a vibrant desire for both men and women. Even if some women might make a goal out of being mothers than more men aim to be fathers. Sexual intercourse is essential for achieving such an amazing dream. So, the first step you have to make before thinking of being a parent is how to improve your sex life. Here are several tips and tricks you can use to increase the odds of getting pregnant when you have an intimate encounter with your partner. We aren’t talking about the basics such as having sex on the most favorable days of the month since this is somehow implied in the conception process. But these sexual practices will facilitate the process and give both of you intense sexual pleasure and satisfaction at the same time.

1. Make sure you reach an orgasm

Reaching an orgasm is important even if you don’t want to get pregnant. But it becomes even more important when you have such a desire. You can use several sexual stimulation devices during intercourse to ease your way to an amazing orgasm such as nipple clamps, butt plugs or electro stimulating devices. Feel free to add all these or any other sex toys and accessories you find exciting. You might be into bondage games and BDSM fetishes. Even so, you can easily incorporate these fantasies into your sexual encounters with your lover so both of you can have some intense orgasms. Likewise, it can increase your odds of having a baby in the near future.

2. Missionary position is the thing to try

While many sexual positions can increase your pleasure during intercourse, the missionary style remains the best one for getting pregnant. So, maybe it is time to rediscover your romantic side and engage in some erotic play with your lover rather than the intense and maybe rough sexual encounters you are excited by. There is a lot of sexual pleasure and satisfaction to have with the missionary position. Plus, both of you will be able to reach intense orgasms if you engage in such a sexual encounter. You can use more forms of sexual stimulation before you try the missionary style and save this position for the moment when you feel closer to climax. Use your imagination and creativity to make this position even more interesting. Touch your partner in exciting ways and kiss them passionately. This should increase the sexual energy between the two of you. Some dirty talk can have a positive impact as well when it comes to inciting an intense orgasm.

3. Don’t just focus on getting pregnant

While wanting to be a mother or a father is monumental for you, try not to make it the center of your sexual encounters. Don’t just have sex during the fertile days of the month. It is also best not to think of getting pregnant during sexual stimulation and intercourse. Remember sex has many other benefits and it should be a constant part of your relationship so you can maintain your intimacy level at its best standards. When pregnancy becomes the main goal and the only reason for having sex, then you will miss many of the other advantages of a good orgasm. Not to mention, you could even damage your relationship because of the added pressure. Keep in mind, frustration is never beneficial for any couple.

Try having sexual encounters several times a week. Forget about the calendar method, because as efficient as it can be to follow it, you will for sure have sex during your fertile days if you don’t let a week pass without having such an amazing experience. Plus, try to avoid talking about having a baby every time you have the chance as this could only frustrate your lover and maybe have the opposite effect.

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