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3 Reasons to Practice Kegels Everyday

Kegel exercises are famous for their benefits nowadays and both men and women enjoy practicing them on a regular basis. They can improve your health but also your sexual performance and even increase the level of pleasure that you experience during your sexual encounters. And since these exercises are available for both men and women, you can always try them out with your partner. If you never tried Kegels, there are several benefits that you might be missing out and if you tried them already, it is important to maintain them on a regular schedule in order to enjoy their advantages at their highest standard. Here are some of the most important benefits that Kegel exercises bring to both you and your lover and why they should be part of your daily routine!

1. It helps men with premature ejaculation

We all know how important a man’s power to control their ejaculation is. These pelvic-floor exercises might help guys increase their sexual resistance and fix the problem of premature ejaculation. This can make a significant difference in their sex life and it can be a great improvement for their experiences. These exercises work the pelvic area of your body and increase strength in your muscles. And by incorporating Kegels into your workout routine, you will be able to have long and exciting sexual encounters with your partner. These are great if you want to get into chastity games with your partner or orgasm control fetish. Many fetishes and fantasies require an erection that lasts for more than several minutes so it is an investment well made in your sex life and intimate relationship. And if you are a BDSM enthusiast you will know that longer sex scenes tend to be the best sex scenes as well.

2. It helps women control their muscles…down there

Women are the main beneficiaries of these types of exercises and they can even gain new sexual skills by performing them on a regular basis. If you perform Kegels as part of your regular workout, you will be able to control your vaginal muscles and squeeze your lover’s penis during those intense sexual intercourse sessions. And this is a big turn on for every men but it also increases the sexual pleasure for a woman. It only takes ten or fifteen minutes of Kegels a day to reach this skill and master it to its full potential. You can even do these exercises during your masturbation session and even while you are at work or walking down the street. All you need to do is contract and relax your muscles and workout your pelvic area in order to increase both the strength and sexual stimulation for you. You can also use the squeezing sexual power that you gain after doing Kegels during oral sex and surprise your lover with it in the heat of the moment!

3. Increase the sexual pleasure and resistance

So, besides the fact that Kegel exercises increase the sexual strength for both women and men when it comes to their sexual encounters, they also increase the level of pleasure and sexual satisfaction. If you are able to postpone your orgasm, you can try using an orgasm belt as a challenge to see just how efficient Kegels are for you. You might be surprise to see that you will be able to enjoy such sexual stimulation for a longer period of time without feeling help[less in front of an imminent orgasm. And you can experience new and more complex sexual encounters with your lover by using different sex toys and accessories without indulging in an amazing climax unless you really want to.

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