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3 Ways to Let Go of Sexual Anxiety for Women

Women tend to put more tension on their sexual life than men and that usually happens because they are spending too much time judging their body. However, sexual anxiety can damage a relationship and even reduce a woman’s sex appeal. Very few ladies are truly contented with the way they look, which is why they always struggle to lose or gain weight by trying out several types of diets. Some of them try to increase their sexuality by using make-up and sexy outfits. While neither of these are bad things, as long as they are done in moderation, we should all be more satisfied with the way we look. We should focus more on how to add value to our relationships.

If you find yourself struggling with a lot of anxiety, the worst thing you can do is ignoring it. Such attitude will have a negative impact on your mind and on your overall well-being. Sadly, it will also define your relationship in a less positive way.

Here are some ideas to help you overcome your insecurities and know your true value.

1. Be more comfortable with your body

Before you project your sexuality on your partner, you should get to know your body first. Admire yourself in the mirror and embrace your shapes and curves while trying to understand that beauty is not a standard, but rather a unique quality of each human being. The worst thing that you can do to yourself is to compare your image and over all appearance with another woman.

Women come in different shapes and forms of beauty. Each one of them is attractive in their own way. Men are also very different, they tend to have particular tastes and preferences when it comes to the girl they want to be with.

There is definitely a man for you, a man who will appreciate all your qualities. However, you will not attract such a man if you project an attitude that lacks security and self-confidence.

2. Don’t blame yourself

If your sexual experiences don’t go the way you would like them to, remember, it takes two to tango. Blaming yourself for everything that goes wrong or for the lack of climax will only build up your anxiety. Believe it or not, sometimes, it’s your partner’s fault as well. There can be a variety of problems such as unrealistic expectations or watching too much pornography.

Even if your main goal is to satisfy your lover, they also must be ready and open to give their best during your intimate moments. Don’t add too much pressure on yourself when you want to give them an orgasm! A more relaxed attitude will help you lose the anxiety and enjoy all the moments of your sexual encounter. Even if you are more of the submissive type, try to focus on your own pleasure and sexual satisfaction as well. An anxious attitude will only make your sexual encounters less intense and less exciting for both of you.

3. Keep an open mind

Instead of being anxious about your sexual encounters, try to focus your energy on new ways to spice them up using different sex toys and accessories. Try wearing a pair of nipple clamps while you are waiting for your lover to join you in the bedroom. Try surprising him with a prostate stimulator that will give him a new type of sexual pleasure. There are varieties of sex toys that you can use to make things more interesting between the two of you. They will take your mind off of less important issues such as those that are making you feel more anxious. You can use the basic dildos and vibrators or you can also use the more thematic toys such as chastity belts or orgasm belts!

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