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Best Fixes for the Top 3 Menopausal Symptoms

Menopause is inevitable for all women. It is just a matter of time until you go through it. This phase has a significant impact not only on your health but also on your sex life and relationship. In most cases, the symptoms of menopause are not permanent. Then again, its effects do not have to be so extreme either if you prepare for it ahead of time. In addition, you need to know the symptoms of menopause are not the same for all women. In this case, biological factors and information can make all the difference. Some might feel overwhelmed during this hormonal phase their bodies go through, while others might find it quite easy to overcome. It is best to be aware of the problems brought on by menopause. Likewise, know how to fix them before they damage your intimate life!

1. Low sex drive

Having low sex drive becomes common once menopause takes place. However, you have no reason to worry. In most cases, you will regain your sex drive once menopause passes. Even so, paying attention to the signs can help lessen the chances of menopause lowering your sex drive. For instance, if you are bored with your sex life and find yourself in somewhat of a routine, then using certain sex toys and accessories might be a great idea to spice things up. Try adding a pair of nipple clamps to your sexual encounters or even some electro stimulating devices. These toys will entertain your curiosity and imagination to save you from a dull sex scene! No doubt, your partner will be more than happy to join you in this sexual journey and maybe want to discover new sex toys with you along the way. If both of you are up for some more excitement, then why not discover naughty fetishes and fantasies to try together. Maybe even get into BDSM practices!

2. High levels of stress

You will feel a lot more stressed during menopause than at any other time of your life. If so, then your doctor will prescribe you a treatment to make it easier for you to deal with the stress and high level of anxiety in your life at this time. However, this does not mean you cannot do something on your own to improve your well-being. Taking care of your overall health is crucial during this phase. Doing so will have a positive effect on your stress level and most of all your sexual life. Make time for your hobbies and try to enjoy every day without letting daily problems affect your “Zen.” Relax and be sure to take all the vitamins your body needs during menopause to minimize any serious consequences of this natural biological process! Remember, a healthy diet and exercise routine will help your body and it will eventually improve your relationship!

3. Body issues

Your body goes through a lot of changes throughout life and menopause is no exception. No doubt, the most important change is hormonal as you stop being fertile. Thus, your body is preparing for it during this transitional phase. As a result, you might gain some weight and feel uncomfortable in your skin. When this happens, it can make you lose confidence in yourself. In turn, it would affect your sex life. But do not worry, as its effects are not permanent. At this time, do your best to maintain a healthy lifestyle to help keep these under control. Getting into some sexy outfits is also a great idea to boost your self-esteem. Put on some hot lingerie and costumes to amaze your lover. Chances are it will also help you gain the sexual confidence needed to take on the intense new experiences to come your way after menopause!

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