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Best Ways to Take Care of Your Sexual Health

Taking care of your general health is important in all its aspects but even more so when it comes to your intimate life. You have to think of your own health but also of other people that might be sexually involved with you. And there are several rules that you can consider if you don’t want to gamble with such an important aspect of your sex life. Whatever your sexual fantasy or fetish might be, your health should always come first especially when you get intimate with other people. Here are the basic rules of a healthy and enjoyable sex life so you can make the most out of every sexual encounter that you have!

1. Use protection

The reasons why you should use protection during sexual intercourse are well-known and even more important when you are switching partners and you don’t have a steady relationship. If you stay protected, you avoid not only contacting sexually transmitted diseases but also unwanted pregnancies which are never a pleasant consequence to a night of intense pleasure and nothing that anyone would want to deal with. You can use condoms or different pills to protect yourself, however when you want to catch two rabbits with one protection method, condoms are your best bet. They protect you against both diseases and pregnancies and that should be your main concern when you get intimate with someone. Make sure to contact your doctor before starting any treatment based on pills in order to protect yourself during sex because the side effects might be more serious than you can anticipate.

2. Have a good hygiene

Hygiene is important with or without an active sexual life but even more so when you engage in different sexual encounters. Regardless to your status, you have to pay attention to your hygiene if you are in a constant relationship as well as if you are single and enjoying some sexual affairs when the chance comes up. Especially the hygiene of your genitalia and erogenous zones which are the most exposed during sexual intercourse or sexual stimulation sessions.

3. Clean your sex toys

And of course, you have to pay attention to details even if your main sexual activity is masturbation. Your dildos, vibrators, nipple clamps and electro-stimulating devices need constant cleaning and maintenance since they get in direct contact with your skin and intimate parts. Luckily, there are several cleaners on the market that you can use and keep yourself safe. And if you like to add some sex toys to your sexual encounters with other people, that is just another reason more to keep them clean and neat since it is not just you enjoying them.

4. Know your partners

And last but not least, pick your sex partners wisely! As exciting as it might be to get engaged in some kinky and intense sexual experience with a new partner, it might not always be the safest thing to do. However, such occasions appear especially if you are not involved in any steady relationship and you are still exploring the field of sexual fetishes and fantasies. This doesn’t mean that you have to check their medical record before taking your clothes off, but you can get to know them a little better before you start having the sex scene that you are longing for. Masturbating before having a date with a person that you are sexually attracted to might delay the excitement and you will have more time to entertain a conversation before trying to get in their underwear. By the time you both get familiar with each other you are good to go and enjoy your favorite sexual fantasy. And even when you have no doubts concerning the safety of such an encounter, it is wise to use protection and make sure to clean your sexual arsenal after the fun is over!

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