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Best Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction

When a man experiences Erectile Dysfunction, it may be a sign something else is going on. Even if it happens every now and then, it’s always confusing when it does. ED can point to diabetes, having heart problems or hormone imbalances. When you are suffering from it, you should consult with either your doctor or with an urologist to find the underlying cause and the best solution to the problem.

Studies have shown a bit over 50% of men with ED have an underlying medical condition. Most of the times, if a man gets nocturnal erections or wet dreams the problem may be psychological. Medication and depression may also cause it, so it’s important to do a full body check and several tests. Keep in mind that your partner may feel rejected, so it’s important for them to understand this is a health condition and has nothing to do with them. And besides, sex doesn’t always mean intercourse! There are plenty of ways a couple can experience themselves sexually; pleasure is a very wide spectrum, so blow jobs, (it feels just as nice if a man is hard or not!) caresses, cunninlingus, kissing and vibrators are great. Remember, the point of sexual experiences is pleasure, not necessarily coming.

So now you are probably wondering, “what are my options?” And that is a very common question with a lot of possible answers. But like I said before, first you will need to know what is causing it to find the best solution for you:

  • Medication, like Viagra or Cialis, has proven to be effective for men. But you should keep in mind some of them can have side effects so you will need to try it and see how it works for you. And another thing, if your ED is related with Diabetes, your chances for those meds to work actually decrease. Now, again you will need to prove if that is the case for you.
  • Devices, like penis pumps and cock rings. Pumps are a plastic cylinder that you put around the penis and then proceed to use a pump mechanism to make a vacuum around your precious part (like a clitoral pump, or nipple pump, you get the idea wink*). The idea is the penis will become erect, and when it does you put a cock ring around the base in order to maintain that erection. You can then have sex and remove the ring when you are, mmm well, you know, finished.
  • Get rid of that scary face you have just gotten after reading that, wink*. A proven method (and one of the most effective’s) is to inject some drugs into an erect portion of the penis; this will put the medication exactly where it needs to be. If you are still not convinced about the injections, there’s another option that uses a pellet and is inserted through the urinary tract (like a sound!).
  • Implant: Probably the most invasive method, where a penis implant or prosthesis is placed into the man to help him get an erection. It’s a small procedure done at a hospital (you will be required to stay there for 2-4 days) and the recovery process takes about 4 to 8 weeks. It is one of the most well developed techniques in the past decades, so no reason to get scared either. Before you ask, the implant is not noticeable so you won’t be able to tell whether a man has one. And yes, you can have an orgasm with a penis implant.

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