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Foods to Eat to Pump Up Your Sexual Performance

How your penis performs in the bedroom has a lot to do with what you eat when you are not in the bedroom. There are plenty of foods that can improve your overall penile health and performance. These foods are readily available and nutritious. As an overview, the list contains some vegetables, some fruits, some spices and some meat.


Let’s begin with spinach, a vegetable that will increase blood flow to your gorgeous member. It has a lot of magnesium, which decreases inflammation in the blood vessels. Everyone can benefit from a little extra blood flow because after all, that is what Viagra does. You don’t need to recur to a pill to get those same benefits, try and see for yourself.


If you are a coffee addict, then you already won one battle here. Studies have shown that men who consume two or three cups of coffee a day are about 42% less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction. Science has not been able to identify the reason behind this, but many scientists think that this is due to the certain chemicals in coffee that increase blood flow.


You can also add some tomatoes into your diet because it has been proven that tomatoes decrease the risk of prostate cancer. This is because of the antioxidants present in that rich, red fruit (or is it a vegetable at the end?) Oh! And tomatoes also improve the shape of your sperm. So, if you are looking forward to getting your partner pregnant, don’t skip the tomatoes in your salad.

Brazil nuts and Shiitake mushrooms

One thing that can also help your sperm are Brazil nuts (Bertholletia excelsa). If you have an imbalance in your hormone levels, your fertility can really be affected. For instance, a small change in your testosterone levels can cause infertility. That is why you need to consume foods that aid in the production of testosterone. These nuts are rich in Selenium, a mineral that is needed for its production. In addition, Shiitake mushrooms are also rich in Zinc and Vitamin D that likewise contributes to testosterone production.


Carrots help with the motility of the sperm (the ability of sperm to reach and fertilize the egg cell) and its overall quality. If you want strong swimmers, start peeling those carrots. Or, you can eat them with the skin, just make sure to wash them well. Wink*


For those who love eating oatmeal for breakfast, they are on the right track because it has some properties that can also help with erectile dysfunction. Additionally, oatmeal also lowers your cholesterol and that is a good thing because cholesterol can clog your arteries thereby diminishing blood circulation.


If cholesterol is a problem, then you may want to add more cherries to your diet. This fruit cleanse your arteries of plaques.; Keep in mind if your blood vessels are clogged, then your penis will not be able to hold an erection because the blood can’t flow and get pooled in there.

Foods rich in Vit. B12

Erectile dysfunction can be a big problem for men and most often, Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause erectile dysfunction. If that is your case, chicken breast can help you out. This food is pretty rich in Vitamin B complex that helps in the treatment of ED. Liver is also really high in Vitamin B12 but for those who don’t like liver, they can also opt instead for grass fed beef.

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