Sexual Side Effects of Menopause

A woman’s body goes through a lot of changes and every age has its beauties especially when it comes to sexual experiences and preferences. Women don’t only change their body but also their sexual needs along the time and they can have lower or higher sex drive according to these changes that some men might not be aware of and misinterpret. And one of the most important changes that a woman goes through during her life is the menopause. This can cause a series of biological effects, mood changes, and a variety of side effects that can influence their relationships and their personal sexuality. So, let’s see what are the most important side effects that menopause can have on women, with a few exceptions that confirm the rule.

1. Low sex drive

While some women might be amazed to hear this, a low sex drive is a direct consequence of menopause even if it is, in most cases, temporary. For a few months or even up to a year after entering menopause, a woman might feel less sexual and might find it hard to reach an orgasm during sexual intercourse or sexual stimulation, when these experiences happen. This is due to the loss of estrogen and testosterone, that comes after menopause and generates changes in a woman’s body. A lack of these hormones will decrease the sexual desire but with the right approach this can be overcame. A nice and soft session of sexual stimulation by using your favorite sex toys such as nipple clamps or vibrators, every now and then might help you go through this phase. You can enjoy these moments alone during masturbation or with your partner. Orgasm belts are a great way to give yourself an orgasm when you are struggling to get one. So, no matter what the problem is there are ways to battle them.

2. Painful intercourse

Due to the physical changes, a woman might experience mild pain during vaginal intercourse immediately after menopause. This is not a temporary change and soon your body will adjust to its new needs and pleasures. However, it can become quite frustrating, especially if you are one of those women who didn’t lose their sex drive and are still wanting to be sexually active. Sexual stimulation is a great alternative to intercourse for such moments. Also, anal sex can be something to try to fulfill your sexual desire and not let your menopause side effects affect your life. If you do engage in vaginal sex you can try using a lubricant as well since this will make an incredible change.

3. Genitalia changes

Your vagina will suffer numerous changes during and immediately after you go through the menopause phase. You will notice an increase of dryness and you might really enjoy lubricants more than you ever did before. You will find it harder to get excited at times and you will prefer to skip sex due to the painful side effects of it. However, remind yourself that all these side effects are for a limited period of time. Also, be aware of other forms of sexual stimulation that can be great alternatives to the traditional form of intercourse and your partner will be more than happy to join you in your new sexual adventure. Chances are that during such a phase, you will be able to discover new fetishes and sexual fantasies that you had no idea you possess and this will make you develop your sexuality and even benefit your relationship and intimacy.

Menopause doesn’t have to be a difficult time for you as long as you know the right approach to each problem that you might face and each side effects that might haunt your sexual pleasure. The support and help of your partner is highly important in such situations because they can give you the self-confidence that you need to be sexually satisfied.

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