Jelqing Basics You Should Know About to Get Big

Jelqing is a must if you want to use a cock pump or want to exercise your penis to enlarge it. But you may be wondering, what is jelqing? Well, it’s just a method that has been used as a warm up or as a penis enlargement method for the penis.

When you practice jelqing, you are pushing blood flow through the penis. The force used will create micro tears in the penis tissue; those tissues will re grow stronger. The process is similar to the strength training on different muscles and part of the body. When you lift weights or do push ups, for instance, you are creating micro tears in the muscle so they can grow back bigger and stronger. It works because the penis is also a muscle.

In order to do this safely, you need to do some warm up, don’t over train and be aware of your body. Don’t ever do too many repetitions, do them at too high intensity or push yourself too hard because you can create injuries or side effects and that is not the idea. You should also make sure to jelq on the entire penis; this means you should start the base of the pubic bone and stop right at the head.

You may also notice some red spots that appear on the penis after you try jelqing. That is normal, they are very small burst capillaries and the spots should disappear after 24 or 48 hours. Remember how I said earlier you need proper warm up and shouldn’t jelq to hard? Well, while these burst capillaries are nothing to be worried about, they are a sign you try jelqing when you’re body wasn’t warmed completely. Or that you amped up the intensity too hard and too quickly. So next time you jelq, don’t do it too hard. You’re not trying to win a Hulk competition!

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