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Try Urethral Sounding and Never Look Back

As human beings we are profoundly curious. And most of the time that is definitely a good thing, especially when it comes to your body and sexuality because in this case, curiosity has not killed any cats, wink*.

Urethral sounding is one of those controversial topics men either would love to try sometime or would hide in pain at the mere thought. Regardless of the category you or your man fall into, let's first clear up the definition of sounding.

Sounding is nothing more than introducing a stiff and sterile object in the urethra. Some people even experiment sounding with liquids. See, nothing scary? wink*. Back in the day it was originated as a method to keep the urinary tract open in case of prostate enlargement. Some even say different cultures over the years have used this practice; there is evidence that a tube was inserted in the penis in order to sip liquid in ancient China with the purpose of demonstrating the men's skills and medical knowledge. In Rome catheters and probes were routinely used to explore the bladder and remove impurities from different orifices. These days this has changed and is basically done in the name of fun, pleasure and recreation. And to that I say: Awesome!

The objects that are used in recreational sounding are usually made of metal or are plastic dilators. Being a very variable practice, the objects and techniques used changes from person to person. Generally urethral sounds come in the form of a long, thin, metal cylinder, ideal for sliding into the urethra creating a satisfying expanding effect. There are different sizes, but most of them come in the range of 4 to 17mm of circumference. There are many shapes available; you can find them with a kind of S curve, or with big circular dumbbells on the tip. Others have circular crinkles, fishhook curves or even flat or rectangular ends. Is up to you finding the one that fits your needs and feels the best for you.

So if you are one of those who are intrigued by this practice (I don't blame you, sigh*) here are a couple of reasons why this method has gained enormous popularity:

Ye good ol' penetration: This alternative form of penetration requires a hole you are definitely not used to receiving this special form of attention. The sensations of a sound in the urethra are incredibly powerful and exciting; actually some people equal the sensation to that of some anal play, at least that's what men have told me

Reversing roles: Most men associate penis with the act of penetration, not the penis being penetrated. For this reason alone, the emotional feeling sounding can bring is quite a different experience. Even if the idea does not sound particularly exciting at first, it can be a good way to bring a new sensation and experience to the table. Remember that the knowledge of one's body is the best gift you can give yourself. And I treat myself often, wink*

Prostate's the word: Believe it or not, deep sounding is a great form of achieving prostate stimulation. The good thing about this is that, even if you have experienced another form of prostate stimuli, chances are you have not experienced it like this. The sound hits the prostate in a different way than any dildos or prostate massagers ever will. Like in life, variety is the key to success, darling.

So good it hurts: If you like to experience pain during sex and erotic pain in general, you can use the sound in a way that brings erotic pain. This is done trough different sound sizes and precisely how you stimulate the sound when it's already adjusted in the penis.

The game: Because of the penetration aspect, the dominance and submission play between partners can be incorporated. For example, if you are the dominant party in the relationship, you can incorporate the introducing of a sound in the role play and activities. Or if you are more into switching roles, you can try sounding on your usual dominant partner and see how it goes. Just let me know when you try it, I love hearing stories and maybe exchange a tip or two, wink*

Is there a doctor in the house? If you and your partner enjoy engaging in Medical Play, sounding is the perfect fit for this relationship. In BDSM circles, sounding is mostly used as a part of Medical Play, so if this is something you are into, what are you waiting for? Get yourself and your partner a set of sounds and enjoy the benefits. A little gift every now and then never hurt anybody…

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