3 Hot Anal Sex Tips for Beginners

Anal sex is a type of sexual intercourse many couples would consider fantastic, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. But if you and your partner are beginners when it comes to this kind of sexual encounter, then you will need some guidance to ease your way into such an intense orgasm. To begin with, the act itself goes beyond sexual penetration. In fact, you can spice things up by using the right type of stimulation while you are at it. So, as you delve into the amazing world of anal sex, here are some tips and tricks to help you make the most out of the experience!

1. Try a butt plug first

While you might be eager to have anal sex with your partner, going for it at once might not be a good idea. To tell the truth, playing around with anal stimulation before diving into the act hardcore can help a lot. If you are a virgin to anal sex then start with a small sized dildo or butt plug to see how much you enjoy it. Moreover, it would help you get accustomed to the pleasure it can bring you. Once you are used to a certain size and like how it feels then you might be ready to go bigger by trying out the next size of anal plug. Guys might also enjoy a variety of prostrate stimulators to help them reach an orgasm. Use your imagination and creative skills to explore the back door and forget about any unnecessary limitations!

2. Use lube

Using lube makes a big difference for beginners on their first anal experience. Whether you are using a sex toy to stimulate yourself anally or doing the deed with your partner, lube can ease the pain you are bound to feel with such an act. Use the lube on your sex toy, on his penis, or put it directly on your body to make sexual penetration easier. But you don’t need to use a lot of lube. In this case, just one or two drops can go a long way. Thus, reducing friction and affecting your overall stimulation. But too much lube can make things too slippery. It is a good idea to try to using a lube with a nice aroma and flavor for both of you enjoy making the experience as pleasant as possible. Avoid using moisturizing creams or solutions because their formulation is not for your intimate areas and might cause uncomfortable rashes or even severe irritation!

3. Stimulate other areas of your body

Anal sex can be a great sexual act in itself, but as a beginner you might want to combine it with other forms of sexual stimulation. We all have different erogenous zones we can explore during our sexual encounters. You can play with your nipples or use a pair of nipple clamps to increase the sexual pleasure during anal sex. For some people, passionate kissing is a big turn on while those who are into some form of bondage prefer being tied so as to feel as submissive as possible. Some couples prefer to mix anal sex with impact play such as spanking, whipping or using different kinds of floggers. If you are into such BDSM practices, be sure to establish a safe word before things get too wild! Knowing your body and sexuality as well as your own limitations will help a lot as you dive into anal sex with your lover.

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