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A Beginner’s Fearless Guide to Anal Play

Anal sex and anal play can be a sensitive subject for some. A majority of people are afraid to think about it, let alone try it! So, what is so great about anal play? The fact is, once you give anal play a try, it can actually be really stimulating. It feels somewhat forbidden, which only adds to the excitement. Everyone likes to feel like they’re being bad now and again!

When I first started with anal play, I began with a small anal plug. It worked perfectly because it wasn’t overwhelmingly large. That would be a great place to start. Introduce the anal plug to your solo play, and once you get more comfortable you can start to incorporate it in sex with your partner! Sex with an anal plug inserted feels amazing, especially if you can loosen up and let yourself enjoy it.

Anal plugs come in a variety of different sizes, and once you are comfortable with the small plugs you can graduate to medium or large anal plugs. Take your time, though. Anal play isn’t anything you have to rush.

If you aren’t a huge fan of the anal plugs, maybe you can give the vibrating toys a chance! If you enjoy vibrators and dildos, this may be the choice for you. Like the anal plugs, you can find these in a variety of different sizes. Most of them even offer different speed settings, which will allow you to find something to fit your pleasuring needs. My personal favorites are the vibrating anal toys with a “reach around” function that also stimulates your clitoris – these are double the fun!

Once you are comfortable with toys, you can move forward to the main attraction: anal sex with your partner. Chances are you will be a little nervous for the first time, but keep telling yourself how much fun it will be! I’d suggest using some lubricant to get things going. Pick one of your favorites and remember that you can never have too much! The wetter, the better. It will help the penis or toys slide in easier, making the whole experience that much more satisfying. My personal favorites aren’t water based, they don’t dry out as quickly for me and keep things wetter for a longer period of time.

As I mentioned with the toys, make sure to let yourself relax and enjoy the experience. Try a little dirty talk with your partner to get things going. Tell them how excited you are for them to be inside of you, the more you say it the more your mind will realize it’s true!

To promote even more relaxation, try throwing in the use of your favorite vibrator to give yourself some extra stimulation. You can stimulate your clit during the anal sex, allowing your body to be stimulated in multiple areas. This works in a similar way to the “reach around” toy I mentioned above.

Try to pick a position that will make you feel more relaxed. I would suggest giving doggy style or the missionary position a try before moving on to something more advanced. Once you get comfortable, there are definitely a ton of other positions you can give a chance.

As you get more and more comfortable with anal play and sex, the options are endless. You can combine anal sex and vaginal penetration, and even throw in some clitoral stimulation for a trifecta. You can utilize a variety of different toys and accessories. Bondage accessories and toys come in handy after a while – there’s nothing sexier than anal mixed with some bondage.

Anal sex and bondage go really well together. You will definitely enjoy letting your partner tie you up with some handcuffs or bondage tape and experiment with your collection of anal toys. Just remember to use the lube (this is a really important step)! And above all, just relax and let yourself enjoy the moment.

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