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3 Fun Roleplay Scenarios You Need to Try Now!

Roleplays are great for any couple who wants an intense sex life and exciting sexual encounters when things start to get dull in their bedroom. After some years in a relationship, and sometimes even sooner for some, a sexual routine can settle in. It is never a good sign for any couple when it does! To keep things interesting and as exciting as they used when you two first got together, you might want to invest a little time, effort and imagination into your intimate life. No doubt, even couples who have not reached the dreaded sexual routine level might find roleplays interesting and fun to experiment with. However, if you are a beginner when it comes to the kind of games you can enjoy in the bedroom, here are some ideas to get you started to help increase the sexual energy in your relationship!

1. French maid fantasy

The French maid roleplay and fantasy has been around for a long time. The reason being it is one of the most accessible and exciting sex games you can play with your lover. All you need to fulfill this roleplay is a French maid costume. But you can add as many accessories as you want to make it more realistic. Guys love to see their female partners wearing a sexy costume to turn them on in what appears to be “accidental.” You can simply wear your maid outfit by chance around the house if you want to enjoy some exciting and spontaneous sexual encounter. Otherwise, you can wear it during foreplay and your sex scenes to make things more intense. Men who are also into sissification fetishes should also try this roleplay as it would surely please their dominatrix. Remember, when it comes to sissification, men can enjoy a wide variety of sex toys and accessories to go with their fetish such as sissy collars or chastity devices.

2. Interrogation scene

An interrogation scene is a more complex type of roleplay. At the same time, it is more exciting. While it is not so easy for beginners, it is not rocket science either. So go ahead and try it. All you need is a good imagination, some sex toys and accessories. The idea of this roleplay is for you or your partner to feel controlled by the other one. If you are more the dominant type, try to act like an investigator who wants to obtain important information from their subject, which in your case will be your submissive partner. You can add handcuffs or leg cuffs to make the scene more realistic for both of you. In addition, feel free to introduce some dirty talk to spice things up even more. The sky is the limit to what you can enjoy with your lover as long as both of you are comfortable with this type of roleplay! Keep an open mind and stay open to new sexual opportunities to stir up things during your intimate moments.

3. Pet and pony roleplay

Pet and pony roleplay is fairly new but no less exciting as any other form of play-acting. In this scenario one of you will act like a pet while the other fulfills the owner’s role. Many sex toys and accessories can make this roleplay more enjoyable such as furry tails or handcuffs and even gags shaped like bones. Bear in mind this is a highly submissive type of roleplay where you are under the other’s complete control depending on who is the dominant in the scene. But you can always switch roles to make it even more fun. So don’t get stuck with just enjoying one side of this roleplay when you can have so much fun with this fantasy!

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